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All mountain ski choices and suggested size

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I am looking at picking up an end of season deal on a very good all mountain ski.  Narrowed my choices down to Volkl AC50, Atomic Crimson (not the Ti), K2 Apache Recon, and K2 Apache Xplorer.


I am 5'10" and 150lbs.  Skiiing ability is in the 7-8 range.  I get out West for a few days at a time once or twice a year...that is the only time that I ski.  I may ski more often with my kids in the midwestern US as they get into the sport.  I typically ski the whole mountain, hence the desire for an all-mountain ski...no need for multiple skis at this point.  I have been skiing on an old Fischer carver, the DRS102 at 178cm.


Are there any other skis that I should be considering?  I would assume in the newer shaped ski technology I should be looking at a ski in the 170cm range.  I am thinking the Volkl might be a little much ski given my size.  Maybe I lean toward the Crimson or Apache?

Thanks in advance for your help.



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What kind of feel do you prefer.......nimble, powerful, damp???

The reason I ask is because your choices really are on opposite ends of the spectrum.

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I guess I am looking for something that is fun to ski...lively and not too stiff.  Given my size I don't want the skis to control me. 


Thanks for your insight.

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I love my Nordica Jet Fuels, but I'm quite a bit heavier and taller. You may want to consider the Top Fuels, a similar ski without the metal sheet.


Good luck and have fun; ski shopping is always fun.

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I would go with Icelantic Nomads in 168mm. They are fun and give you more options.

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Actually, I believe the Top Fuels also have the same metal as the Jet Fuel but the Top Fuels are 78 in the waist vs. 84 for the Jet Fuels.  The softer versions are the Afterburner (84) or the Nitrous (78).  Either of those would work very well for you. 

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I skied the non-TI Crimson yesterday.  They were 163cm (my wife's skis) but I can usually tell something about the ski even in the shorter length.


Light and lively is the description.  Stable with nice arcs on the corduroy, good float in the powder, amazingly easy to turn in the crud, but for me they were too light and lively to attack the crud at high speed.  They reminded me a a Black Diamond Havoc I skied in the same length, and thought they would be a good AT ski.


  I then went to my M:EX 175 which are solid heavy crud blasters, and decided there is no need to replace them with a longer Crimson. I would chuck my current AT skis (Salomon Scrambler custom) and replace them with those in a heartbeat.  If you are looking for a light, lively all mountain ski they might be just what you need.

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For mostly midwestern skiing, Fischer RX8 and RX9, if you want older models you can get cheap.  If you are in the Cleveland area, a guy is selling a pair of RX8 on CL.  If you want to spend more, look at the Fischer Progressor series.

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