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Shin bone problem

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Last winter i had problem with boots, front part of the boot was giving me the hard time, it was pressing my shinbone and i had cotusion. Then i went to see doctor, who put mi something on my shinbone, something thin white, squer shaped and that little thing moved pressure from shinebone towards the knee.

Do you now what was it?

Thank you:)

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Do you now what was it?




go on tell us... 


oh i thought it was a quiz


anyway on a serious note, it sounds like it was a skin substitute some kind of gel pad, prehaps epitact which takes pressure away form the area, epitact is available from ski stores and pharmacies but it is not the cure, it is more of a treatment for the pain...sounds like either your boot is too loose in that area or the wrong shape for your shin, there may be a really simple fix which a boot fitter can  do to solve the probolem in the first place...o you have a footbed? how tight are your boots? what size are they ? what size are your shoes?


etc etc, give us a bit more info and we may be able to get rid of this permenantly

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