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ASC/Mt Snow Misc

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Maggie Loring the head of Perfect turn for all the ASC resorts has accepted a job with Vail/Beaver Creek - will be interesting to see if changes come to their program as a result or if she will just be assimilated.

At Mt. Snow we are having a big turnover in supervision within the Ski/Snowboard school. My direct supervisor Bob Speck, the former head of Training for Mt. Snow will be job-sharing with me as the other primary Ski School Trainer. One of our formerly part-time trainers Pam Green will be stepping up to be the head of Training, she will be excellent for the job. Bob is also excellent and hopefully this means I'll get to ski with him more this winter!

What else? Um - changes in the H.R. department and other misc. stuff.
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Interesting that Maggie left. another interesting item; Steamboat is not having their hiring clinic this year. They are just having a few interviews for the kids program.
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The same ASC manager I talked to tonight was filling me in on all the bookings for the various resorts, Steamboat is down Canyons are down, Heavenly is up, the Eastern resorts are about even. This fits with our post Sept. 11th predictions that more fly-in destinations will be impacted then the primarily drive-in ones that are close to the bigger U.S. population centers.
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A bit bizarre, though. Having just returned from Aruba, currently at a Sports conditioning conference in Miami, I'm not seeing a major difference in tourist #s.

Will be interesting to see where the Perfect Turn concept goes after Maggie leaves. Was Perfect Turn her "intellectual property", or ASC's?
But then again, having had most of my lessons at ASC resorts, I never felt there was a "typical" Perfect Turn approach.
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I would imagine that current tourism crowds would depend partly on whether the folks could cancel without penalty. If they paid for their trip last spring or summer, they might just "take their chances" but they probably wouldn't be going now if they're just making reservations.
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How is ASC doing?

Any other changes happening there or with their other properties?

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LisaMarie -

ASC retains ownership of "Perfect Turn". I agree that Perfect Turn is not an unflexible methadology - what is very good about it is how it treats beginners. They put big bucks into things like the "Discovery Centers". It makes for a much more user friendly and low pressure learning environment for novices than I've seen many places. But I think that at the intermediate-advanced levels you see the same variation in approaches between ASC resorts as you do between most resorts.

Dr. Go - my understanding is that ASC is not growing explosively but is doing ok, but then I get most of my info from the source . . . and therefore no telling how biased this data is! Anybody else hearing any good info on ASC?
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Yeah, I cast a NO vote on thier attempt to merge with Meristar.
ASC looses about $0.84 per share each year.
Stats for the next hear are looking real bad.
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I actually thought that Meristar probably knows a thing or two about managing resorts -- and thought there was a chance that with them onboard it might save their butts! Of course - they also might have tried to turn each resort into a mini-Disneyland!
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Close, how about DORAL, we own that one.
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