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2nd pair of skis, help

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I recently bought the Armada JJ's which are a great ski and I'm looking for a second pair of skis. I've been looking at the Volkl AC 30 and The Grizzly. The Grizzly seems like it would overlap with the JJ's and I would like a ski that can rip and get through the bumps. I will be picking up a pair of gs skis next season. I ski mostly at mammoth and squaw on the west coast. Any recommendations?

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Although the waist width of the Grizzly may make it seem like it is a ski that would overlap with your JJ's it certainly is not. Even though the Grizzly is a 90mm ski the bias of it is much towards an on-trail ski then off piste, something that you could refer to as a giant carver. Secondly neither the Grizzly or the AC30 are something that I would consider great options for bump, yes they have the ability to rip but through the bumps there are better tools out there for you.


There are a couple skis that I would recommend you to check out though that certainly have the ability to ski bumps better and still rip well too. The Salomon Fury and the Dynastar Legend 8000 would both be great options.

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About the dynastar legend 8000, what is the difference between the normal and fluid models?

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I think the difference is the integrated binding (fluid) vs just a flat ski. This model is sold both ways.


I have the 2005/2006 model year 8000s flat ski which I mounted Look PX12s on. This is a great all around mid-fat ski, nice and light for fast turns, OK in the bumps too.   

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Originally Posted by mlctvt View Post


I think the difference is the integrated binding (fluid) vs just a flat ski. This model is sold both ways.



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Thanks guys,


I think I'm going to go ahead and get the Dynastar Legend 8000 fluids. Sadly I could not find a shop near Mammoth or San Diego that demo's the 8000. My last ski was the x-wing tornado. The first model of it with the Z12 bindings. They were fun and lively but I felt that they had a speed limit. Just one last question, how will the Legend 8000 fare on a GS course? I have a few more races this season and would like to know. And also, I have read they are energetic but how so compared to the tornado?

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