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I appreciate the sincere effort to respond to my quest.   First a couple of you asked where she will be skiing.  Tahoe (Sugar Bowl - Kirkwood) mostly, with the occasional trip to Snowbird/Alta.  I agree that renting a powder ski for deep days is the way to go.  That's why I am thinking 80 mm maximum, but it seems that skis keep getting wider yet keep their manueverablity (for the most part)).   For example, I just demoed the K2 Explorer (84mm) and could ski bumps on them pretty well.  Her limit will be in speed -- she will never want to go THAT fast.  I want a ski that is a snappy turner (for chutes and bumps) but can bust some crud if need be, using a bigger arcing turn.  (I am describing the type of ski I like; FYI, my three skis are Volkl Snow Ranger, K2 Axis Mod X, and Salomon 1080 Gun).   

One poster said to stay away from the K2 line, but I have read very complimentary reviews of the Lotta Luv, which seems to have the right geometry for a one-quiver ski (78mm).  One person rec's the K2 Burnin Luv, but I am thinking 70 mm is not enough for those occasional powder/crud days.  Finally, I hear the Nordica line (both men's and women's) tend to be for stronger skiers who can really carve 'em -- and since she is going to remain a part-time skier for a few years, I wonder if they are forgiving enough (both in terms of stance and flex).  

Thanks and I acknowledge the women posters too for helping me.

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My wife is about the same size as yours and we ski in the Tahoe area as well.

We ski most everything - from nice blue cruisers to bumped up double blacks.

So sounds like our wives ski at a similar level as well as being similar sizes.

My wife demoed and then bought K2 Lotta Luvs early last year and has been delighted.

At 78mm underfoot this is her all-mountain ski and works well in everything but deep powder.


Hope this helps,     rickp


ps: After trying various lengths she settled on 153cm.

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I hated the Lotta and the B83.


My suggestions are Volkl Aura (as always, and buy it 5-10 cm longer than her carver), the Head Sweet One/Wild One/Monster 82, or the Fischer (check Ski Diva for the most appropriate model). The Atomic Seventh Heaven and Heaven's Gates seem to be well liked, but they may not be fat enough for your areas.


Really, she needs to take the time to demo! Convince her it's fun, treat her to a day of skiing on anything she can get her hands on, then buy her whatever has her grinnin and gigglin at the bottom.

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I know you said she doesn't have time to demo, but you might want to check out the program at Squaw at the mid-mountain demo center at the top of the Funitel.  $49 and you can try as many skis as you want in a day, with ski in ski out, or $39 for afternoon only.  I know they have the Auras, Head Sweet Ones, Dynastar Powder, and Lotta Luv's, and many more.  They are incredibly quick about adjusting each ski and I tried 5 skis in a 4 hour period.  They also sell the demos end of season very reasonably, although the bindings are the heavy demo bindings. 

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Originally Posted by SpikeDog View Post


How bout staying with Salomon, going with a TenEighty?  It's 80 mm waist fits your spec, and is a fun, forgiving ski.  I let my wife try my kid's 2004 model a couple of years ago, and he never got it back.  I had to buy another set for him.  She's about the same size as your wife, and we saw an immediate improvement in her sking.  Salomon made about a gazillion of them, so they're not to hard to find used.


Solly 1080 love-fest continue....


I persuaded my wife to buy a pair of Foils (82 waist, a lot of sidecut for a twin - 13.5m?) because they were silly cheap and 158 was a good length for her. First trip was in deep spring slush and she had an epiphany. They're her go-to, do anything skis and she's a very happy bunny (especially now I persuaded her that her old boots were two sizes too big as well ;))

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Originally Posted by Acrophobia View Post





Hmmm.  I'd always assumed you were a woman, Tog.  Perhaps not.


I think these "What skis for my wife?" threads are strange.  If "the wife" wants to ski, let her do the research and decide on her own ski.  Maybe she wants a skinny carver and a fat powder ski, not an all-mountain. 

HAHA, Tog a woman!  That's really funny!!!!

Acrophobia, you owe me a monitor cleaning!

Thanks for the laugh!

If you meet him in person, you'll know just what  a funny guy he is.  His real passion......fooseball!


I agree that its a good idea to have her demo, but there are some folks(men and women) who would prefer to have a ski handed over and just ski it.

That's not me, but its out there.



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 My first reaction is volkl Aura or Blizzard Eos.  I'm not sure if you can find an Eos out there right now, but I know that Ptex1 sells both Volkl and Blizzard.  


Both of those skis are mid fats that will offer a decent level of performance as an all mountain ski.  The only place they don't excel is the East coast Ice but then you won't be dealing with that, will you.



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OK, I am reading and talking and researching.  First, the Tyrolia bindings (on her current ski that prerelease only in powder) have been bench-tested.  Don't know why they do it in the deeper stuff.

I hope to get her to Squaw Valley to demo, but I see skis disappearing from internet and local sales rooms.  Maybe at the end of the season, more will show up.   Also, this ski for her will be mostly used on-piste and if it dumps big, we will rent a fattie.  So, I think the ski can be at about a 70/30.   Here are the skis that I am considering with my quick take based on research.  Please correct my impressions or information if you want.  


K2 Lotta Luv:  Maybe not enough energy, but forgiving and damp ski.  Not sure she has the "will" to push these skis hard enough to make them light up.


Dynastar Exclusive Legend:  I see that the review at Ski Press has this off the charts (highest rated women's ski in 2009) and other reviewers love it.  While it is just 75mm, reviewers say it holds its own in some powder and crud.  


Dynastar Exclusion Legend Powder:  Hear and read great things, but seems it is limited by not being all that good at short turns.  I am leaning to short turns over long turns.


Fischer Vision Vapor:  Very light and manueverable. Forgiving, even flex. Supposed to have good edge grip. Not a powder tool.  Unlike men's Fischer skis, they are not too stiff.


Atomic Seventh Heaven.  Same as the Sugar Mama.  At 79mm, a nice size waist.  Very light weight and easy to get around bumps and steeps.  


Rossi Voodoo SC80:  Replaces the Bandit skis.  Very friendly ski, forgiving, medium turn specialist, good in bumps.  Sounds like the B2. But complaints about not enough rebound and too damp.  This was my target ski two days ago because it's easy, but I think I want a ski that is a bit more demanding.


I think the Nordica and Volkl will be too stiff in general.  Throw the tomotoes or hints for all of the above. thanks...

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I'd recommend the Salomon Origins.  124-74-106, great bindings.  I demoed a bunch of skis at Squaw's demo center last March and fell in love with the Origins.  I liked them better than the Lotta Luvs, although in terms of dimensions etc. the two skis are somewhat similar.  I went from my narrower Nordicas (similar to the currrent Nordica Fox), and was immediately struck by the Origins' stability and ease of turning above all else.  Despite the wider measurements, they have a 12.9 turn radius and are not especially heavy or damp, but they don't really punish you for mistakes either.  Lively enough for me  (I'm not a speed demon, and I'm a mid intermediate skier), but very comfortable and stable when I do choose to go faster.  They do all turns well....big wide turns, quick turns, long straight runs are very smooth and stable.  They do great on groomed runs, in powder, in the thick mushy stuff, they edge great on hardpack and icy stuff....they handle it all really well.  I've really improved a lot on them, too.  At this point I've probably skied on them about 40 outings, and I'm totally happy with them.  I can say I have not yet had them in any conditions where I didn't like them--they just do well in everything!   I'm roughly your wife's height/weight, and I got them in a 162.  I went from a 150 in my Nordicas to this 162 in the Origins and it's a much better size for this particular ski.  I was worried about the length at first,but it turned out to be just right.  I bought mine in early March last year....it was a $1,000 ski originally but I paid $399 for them at that time (got them at Granite Chief in Truckee, although I think they don't have them there this year).    The ones for this year are supposedly the same as last year except the topsheet design changed.  A great, great ski. 


By the way, the ski I'm talking about is the Salomon Origins.  They apparently have a series such as the Origins Opal, Origins Emerald and so on.  Those are less advanced skis, I think, and I don't know how they compare.  When I got my Origins I was also interested in the Jade, but decided it was wider than I wanted to get.  I wanted wider than my previous Nordicas with a 68mm waist, but wanted to keep definite shape for easier turning.  


I do all my skiing in the Truckee-Tahoe area, by the way, so these skis are well suited to the type of snow I encounter there.


Here's what they look like this year for 2009:



These are the '08's I got (same as 2009, different design):  


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Okay, I'll chime in, too.


I think a women's ski is a good idea. And there are a lot of great ones to choose from.


Someone mentioned the Nordica Conquer, and I agree -- a great ski that's good in all sorts of conditions. I've skied it twice, and couldn't find anything it couldn't do. A great choice. Like valli, though, I love Fischers. I have the Fischer Vision 73 (a few years old) and they're great. Fischer is replacing its Vision line next season with the Koa series, and offering it in a variety of widths. I've tried the 84-waist, and thought it was great on hardpack, in soft stuff, you name it. I've also tried and liked Atomic's Seventh Heaven -- not as beefy as the Conquers, but maybe that's not what she wants. One more and then I'll stop: the Head Wild One. Another very nice all mountain ski.


Acrophobia mentioned the Volkl Aurora. I've skied these twice, and thought they were terrific. It's a very beefy, stable ski that can hold an edge like nobody's business yet take on just about anything. But you do have to stay on top of it. And it is heavy.  I still thought it was a ton of fun, though. 


I know your wife is busy, but really, next ski trip, get her out there to demo. Everyone is different, and I've tried skis that people have hyped and I've hated. 

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 You can honestly throw a dart at any of those skis and hit a good one.  But, keep in mind that skis with the same general purpose have different properties, and may  or may not be the ski that makes your wife grin.  

I'm not sure why you think the aura or the Aurora is too stiff, but you must have your reasons.


The Aurora, Conquer, Lotta Luv, Origin, (among others) are all skis in the same class, but have extremely different feels.


Are you sure she doesn't want to demo?  Sure would be great if she can try a few out first.


If you must, then buy one at a bargain, if she doesn't like it, then you can sell it and start over.


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I agree about demoing.  For me, it was a real eye opener because of the difference in feel with various skis.  Squaw's demo center at the top of the Funitel starts selling off their demos soon, if they haven't started already, so it would be good to do that soon if possible. Only thing is that particular demo center tends to have more advanced skis and don't mess with the lower level ones at all.  I guess they figure only more experienced and better skiers would be demoing skis.  For $40 or so, you can demo as many as you want, however, so that's nice.  Then another option is Granite Chief in the village at the bottom of the Funitel....I presume their policy is same as last year, which was no charge for demos, but you have to go up and down to the shop to get various skis.  They have a different selection of ski brands than the demo center at the top.  


I'm a real believer in demoing because I ended up with an entirely different ski than I thought I wanted to get, different length too, and if I hadn't demoed I wouldn't have found it and probably would have bought a particular ski which I think wouldn't have been nearly as suitable for me.

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The reason I am not zeroing in on the Nordica is because it is a "beefy" ski according to just about everyone I know.  While a good athlete, I want her to not have to work to hard to steer and to avoid stuff.  I am the same way.  I love my Volkl's for certain conditions, but I am much more relaxed on my Salomon's and K2's and at the end of the day, my legs are a tad less worked over.   That's why I thought the Rossi Voodoo was a good choice, but too many people find it boring.  It seems the three skis that might be enough ski but not too much are the Fischer Vapor, Dynastar Exc Legend, and the Atomic 7th Heaven.  

Regarding the twin tips, like Salomon Lady or 1080 -- I am thinking that I want more of a carver given the predominant conditions whe will encouter over the next five years.  While I love my 1080 Guns, and it does fine on groomers, it simply is not a great hardpack, bump ski.   Could it be with it's 80mm (as opposed to the Gun's 90mm), that the regular 1080 is a very good performer on-piste?  Or, is it just passable and is loved for its versatility for all conditions of snow.


We have a 3-year old baby, so I am plotting a trip where I stay at High Camp at Squaw while she demoes, and I watch the kid.  I can help her pick the skis and get reports back.  Sugar Bowl is much easier to do this with but they only carry three brands (Volkl, K2, and Nordica) two of which are not my focus.


Note:  I have not posted here for a few years (due to having a baby), and I am impressed with the quality and quantity of replies.  thank you.

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I think you have narrowed down & targeted 3 good choices.  Toss in a K2 and pretty much have rounded out ski feel/response for her to chose from.  When she demos, length can make a big difference in feel due to how she likes to ski.  She'll be able to change out lengths as well if she needs to. 


Good job, good plan for her demo day !  Hope the day you head up there is a good day on snow for all !

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Originally Posted by Billiam View Post

  That's why I thought the Rossi Voodoo was a good choice, but too many people find it boring. 


It seems the three skis that might be enough ski but not too much are the Fischer Vapor, Dynastar Exc Legend, and the Atomic 7th Heaven.  

Well I saw those Voodoos in a store and thought of this thread!  Veerry good looking ski. Seemed to have a nice flex to it, and had a seemingly nice integrated binding rail/attachment system.  Think it was a 155.  To be honest, just would've purchased it based on looks.  Hey, what's wrong with that? ....or you can demo, demo, demo....and still not get a good looking ski!

if you're interested, find racestocksports.com contact info and call them.  They're really selling off stock right now.

I think it was the Dynastar Exclusive Legends that I know someone who was on them early in the season out of necessity.  She's a very good skier and agressive.  Ski was way too soft for her and would fold up when she pushed it.  She found it dangerous. I know it was one of the women's legend skis, pretty sure it was the exclusive.

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