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binding suggestions for new Coombas

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 I was fortunate to win the raffle at ESA Snowmass (thanks K2 and Nolo!!!) and selected a pair of Coombas. This will round out my quiver, which also includes Atomic Snoop Daddy (88mm under foot), Fischer RC4 SC's and Atomic TM:x (84 under foot mounted with Fritchi's for AT; I use them with Lowa Struktura AT boots, Ascension skins). Also have my old R:ex's for rock skis.


My conundrum is trying to decide what bindings to put on these. I have been toying with several possibilities, as I think that I might want to be able to take these into the BC as well as use them inbounds when the powder is flying:

1. Marker Barons (I have no need for the Dukes, as I am only 130lbs, and ski on a DIN of 5.5-6). Great inbounds performance and safety, but heavy for touring, have to take the ski off to switch modes.

2. Fritchis- ? less robust for inbounds, ? less reliable safety compared to Barons (is this true?)??

3. Dynafits- super light weight, fantastic binding, but can't use with alpine boots, would need to get new AT boots, would limit use, so probably least likely option.


I am kind of leaning towards the Barons, but would like to hear if anyone has compared touring on them with the Fritchis. Also, if you use either one with 2 sets of boots (AT and alpine) how much of a pain is it to readjust?



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I don't think you need them and should send the Coombas to me so you won't be burdened with too many skis.


I'd avoid the need to buy more boots, unless you are really going to be doing a lot of BC skiing versus area skiing. FWIW, we had a powder day last week where a friend was on Coombas and I was on my Havocs with Silvrettas. I did not miss my alpine bindings on a day of lighter snows, including soft bumps. (And you know how much a spaz I am on skis.) Fritchis or Naxos, I'd vote for. A BC friend swears he can ski anything and everything with his Dynafits however, but not sure if that applies to the wider Coombas.




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yes, Terry - you are a spaz on skis, kind of like how Michael Jordan could never really play basketball.


 Which Silvrettas do you have? Perhaps I should look at the Pure Performance, as they are a full kg lighter than the Fritchis, and at my light weight I am not likely to have the torque problems that some have complained of. Lou Dawson reported that the durability problems appear to have been solved.


I certainly would prefer not to buy more boots- I just caved in and got a pair of Fischer RC4 Comp alpine boots (all of the comments from Robin, Dan and Jeff finally took their toll!).

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Too funny. Too kind.


I have the Silvretta Easy Gos 500s or so. There's only a bale (good for tele, climbing & alpine boots) in the front and doesn't release. So I don't think you'd want those. I'm a fan of as light as possible with respectable performance. With a ski that supposedly keeps you out of the snow and your weight, I'd think you certainly don't need a beefy binding to ski powder or crud, etc.


BTW, those coaches are clearly a bad influence on those with weak gear purchasing resistance.....like TrekChick for instance.

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yeah, but I did get a great deal. I found a pair in my size on an old Craigslist post from September that hadn't sold. They belonged to the seller's son, who outgrew them in less than a season, so they were in great shape. Nabbed them for $200!  

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I have a pair of Coombas with Vertical ST's.   You can definitely ski these with Dynafits.   In fact, the guys at Bent Gate in Golden said that they sell alot of that setup because their demo pair are set up that way.  In fact, I think the Dynafits are laterally more rigid than the Naxos and somewhat more than the Freerides.   Given this, I think you can argue that they work better on fat skis than other touring bindings.  I also think that Dynafits are more comfortable to tour than the freerides.


Although a Dynafit guy, I agree it isn't worth switching unless you already have the boots or will be doing alot of vertical ft skinning.   I have also released from the heel once or twice in steep moguls but mostly from me misjudging a trough.   Still scary enough for me to consider Volkl Walls with Barons for moguls so I can still use my Scarpas inbound.  



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