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Heavenly stashes?

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hey guys, im taking a trip to reno this weekend and will be spending the first day at heavenly before heading out to squaw and kwood. it will be my first time out there and given the high tourist:local ratio, i was looking for advice on the best untracked. anyone?

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Heavenly has gotten little new snow since Monday so there won't be any 'untracked'. 


I'm not sure what day you are talking about, but the weather has been warm and sunny so i'd look for south facing spring corn on friday afternoon.  Saturday is suppose to be cold and windy so snow off trail will probably be like coral except for possibly the steepest of directly north facing stuff.

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thanks for the heads up bullhorn. will be skiing from sat through tues @ either kw, squaw, or heavenly depending on who has the best snow so i guess i'll just keep an eye out for weather reports.

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I'm a big Heavenly fan. Bullhorn is right to say that there won't be any true "stashes" out there and his recommendation of south-facing aspects is right on - they'll ski well. I would recommend hiking over top of Monument Peak and dropping into Milky Way Bowl. It's north-facing and wind-loaded so the snow will be nice and chalky, if not deep. If you follow that right into Gate 1 at Mott Canyon, you can drop into Bill's or the "Y" and get the same type of snow on steeps that I'd put up against anybody's.

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Man are there a lot of Heavenly threads this winter.


Heavenly has some amazing tree skiing. Skiway Glades has enough terrain for a full day of freshies. Somewhere in the middle I found this gnarly mid 30 degree couloir which was awesome. Could never get back though. Motts holds some pretty good snow, as well as Stagecoach and Boulder lifts/areas. The tree terrain between the two areas are one of the best local spots on the mountain and I was skiing freshies there 2 days after a storm.

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