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another ski size question for beginner

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hello everyone!

i just started skiing this season (i am 24years old, 5'10~5'11 and around 165lbs).

first time i tried this sports i fell in love and been going every weekend =)

ive gone only 7 times and i am in love!!! seems like im picking up this sports pretty well.

renting gear is starting to add up so ive decided to get my own skis.

got an email from my gf yesterday saying she ordered this ski ive been looking at online.

2008 k2 apache sabre with binding for $249 shipped.

now... what im kind of worrying is the size of the ski she got me.... she got me 160cm...

when i first went to go rent(first time ever on skis) they gave me k2 146cm skis.... so ive pretty much learned my basics with 146cm skis.

last weekend when i went to go rent they gave me 153cm... i tried and i felt comfortable.

will 160cm be ok for me? i am beginner and i feel very comfortable on green and follow my friends to blue here and there(more challenging, but way more exciting!!).

went to local ski shop to check out different model k2 ski in 160cm and they come up to my nose.

hope i provided enough informations for you guys and gals to figure out if this ski size would work for me.

thanks for reading!!!

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I think you'll be fine on these for the foreseeable future. I'm about your height, but ten pounds heavier (and I've been skiing for a LONG time) and I ski on trail on 172s. A lot of folks here are into much longer skis than I am, but at your stage, I'd say yours was a good choice: they'll be easier to turn but have less stability at speed and less edge grip on icy terrain than a longer ski. For your next ski, you'll have a much better idea of what you like.


One thing I must say, though is, if you're hooked: PLAN TO BUY BOOTS.

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thanks for your words!!!

yes i am in the market for good quality boots that will fit me well.


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 Welcome to the ski world, you will love it!


Is your gf a skier? If she is, buy the ring.


Go to a boot fitter, don't make the ebay mistake - and no 'big box' stores. Lots of good deals at a shop, be truthful with them about your budget and they'll hook you up.


Length of ski? you'll be good. When you advance you'll know what you need.


Warning, ski gear is addicting!

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hahaha we both snowboard and tried ski(to try something new) and we enjoy it very much.

im ready to pickup quality boots that will fit me well.... yes ready to spend $$$ and wont make ebay mistake =)


interesting how you said ski gear is addicting haha i ride motorcycle and samething with motorcycle gears - helmet, leather suit, gloves, boots, back protector etc etc...


skiing tomorrow~~!!!! =D

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Looks like the Apache Sabre are green/blue skis that will suit you very well. 160 cm for your size and height is a good start. And, in time, could be soon depending on your progression, you'll probably upgrade (both in performance and length). It's typical that rental shops rent out skis that are shorter than normal so don't worry about that too much.


After you set yourself up with good fitting boots, take your new skis on easier and familiar terrains and move on from there. Take a lesson or two in the mean time if you haven't already.


Welcome to the sport. It's like kimchi and BBQ meat stuffed in a lettuce leaf, you'll be so hooked!!!

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irace, Skiing is addictive!  Welcome to Epic.   160's will be fine for this and next year.  Then you'll be a much better skier and looking again.  Good advice on your boots, no EBay fit, do it right and they will last for years.  Have a great time.

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