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Atomic sizing

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Hi. I've got a question: What's the difference between half-size and full size in Atomic boots? I have heard that they increase not only in width but also in length. Thanks in advance.

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boot companies do not make half sizes in shells and most don't even make differences in liners, the main difference is that the footbed is thicker on the smaller of the two sizes using the same shell


atomic is an interesting one due to the B tech range....normally boots are sizes as 23.0/23.5, 24.0/24.5, 25.0/25.5  etc etc on the B tech the size splits 1/2 a size early ie. 22.5/23.0, 23.5/24.0, 24.5/25.0 etc...in a range like this the safest bet for the fitter is to stock the X.0 size as it is the "true size" in terms of normal sizing of shells


the reason this happened is that when B tech was created the sole length of a 27.0/27.5 M tech [atomics more performance boot] was 317mm someone [probably in marketing] decided that they could not have a comfort boot {the B tech} in the same size but having a sole lenght 3mm shorter..the 27.0/27.5 would have been 314mm..... so they changed the sizing on the shells so the 314mm is a 26.5/27.0 and therefore the 27.5/28.0 shell is 324mm


hope that makes sense.


any shop telling you that there is a width difference in the sizes does not know their product...I would suggest finding a different shop

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