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Boot Flex Advice

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I am skiing in Lange Freerides and I suspect they're too stiff.  Flex is 120.  I have removed one of the two rear screws, but I don't think that helps too much.  I am looking for advice about the right level of stiffness and I am also curious about the positive effects I might see by matching the right flex to my ability.


I am 52, 6' 0" and 165 pounds.  I like to ski fast and I like to go all over the mountain, so I'm looking for a versatile, all mountain boot that will enable me to ski on groomers, on moguls and in powder.


I know I could pull the other rear screw, and perhaps I should try that.  My thought is that I'm not going to get younger or likely weigh more, and it's a possibility that the Lange's are just too stiff no matter what?


I have chicken-leg calves and the hard thing about finding a good ski boot is matching upper boot volume to my legs (most boots are designed for larger legs).


Flex advice and boot suggestions welcome!

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pulling out only one screw doesn't do much.  Try both and see how it feels


if you like it, great:  keep skiing them


if you like the flex, but feel you have lost some rebound, see a boot fitter to cut down the shell to make it softer and add the screws back in.


a few different ways to soften the shell, but all are not that great for a DIY guide.   easy to screw up,  see a pro


Also lange makes that shell shape in softer flexes too (ladies boots go up to 27 usually)  same shape, softer flex, cheaper price


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