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"Smaller" Colorado ski areas?

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 Can anybody recommend any of the smaller ski areas within day-trip driving distance of Frisco?


With the ticket prices at the larger areas near $100 and not many discounts around, I was thinking my family would ski some of the lesser known areas when we are out there in March. We know about Loveland and Abasin, but what about Cooper, Monarch, Eldora, Sunlight? I have looked at their trail maps, but are any of them better than the others?


We don't care about flashy resorts, just want good skiing, with a priority on off trail, gladed trees and steep  groomed. We are a mix of advanced and high intermediate skiers.

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One of these days I'm going to do a whole week straight at Loveland.  I like it that much.  Eldora is definitely good for a day or two, but kind of a hike from Frisco unless you hit it on way to/from airport.  Never been to Cooper, but hear good things about it as low key/low crowd mtn.  Have you seen some of the deals here for Copper and WP:


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Copper is great and it's right around the corner from Frisco. It has good bowl skiing and plenty of groomers. It might be lesser known, but it shouldn't be. There always seems to be 2 for 1 deals out there somewhere. Check around the Denver or on line for it's deals. 

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I think the OP was looking at Cooper, not Copper.  I've never skied it, but there was a trip report on it here not too long ago.


I ski Eldora now and then, when I can't stand the drive to Summit any longer or cannot convince a buddy to go with me.  It reminds you of why it's worth it to drive to Summit County.  There are a few runs that are challenging, but I generally get bored in 3-4 hours and head home to spend some time with my wife.  I wouldn't drive from Frisco to Eldora to ski, but if you are in Boulder, it's worth a try.



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