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WTB: Need skis and boots for converted snowboarders

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Both my teenagers have taken up skiing again after 7 years of snowboarding exclusively.


I'd like to keep the expenses down since being fickle teenagers, I can't tell if they are committed to the switch.


The gear I need should be appropriate for an athletic Type II skier who will stay on piste on mostly hard pack Eastern slopes.


I'm looking for:


- 150-158cm skis and mondo point 25.5 boots (70-ish flex) for my 135lb. daughter

- 160-168cm skis and mondo point 27.5 boots (90-ish flex) for my 165lb. son.


I could also use skis.  I'm a Type IV, 190lbs.  Looking for narrow waisted carving skis.


Would love to find a local deal if possible but that's not a requirement.  Location is Toronto.



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Nothing for the kids but for you, such a deal:


183 cm Nordica Beast 74 tt -- this one: http://www.snowrental.net/skiing/ski-equipment/nordica/2003/nordica-beast-74-tt.html


I just picked up a pair second hand that the seller said had been skied for a week -- I gave the edges a good tune and waxed them and skied them 1/2 day and realized yup, they ARE too big for me, at 5'9" 170lbs.  As a twin tip it skis shorter than marked length, but not short enough for me; 183 was the longest length this was made in, so its for the big boys.  Great edge grip and carver at speed on hard groomers, but too much ski for me in the bumps and tight trees. 


They have DIN 12 Nordica demo bindings, which actually were made by VIST.  Nice feature of these bindings is you can experiment with the fore/aft placement and find your own personal "sweet spot".I can tell you for sure the bindings will release when you hang a tip on the trees.


$100 would cover my cost plus shipping.



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 92mm waist is a lot too wide for me but thanks.  Great deal if I was looking for something wide.

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You may be thinking of the Beast 92TT.  What I'm offering is the Beast 74TT -- dimensions are 110/74/102, R=19.  

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 Dang that is tempting then.  I just don't know about the length.  I'm not that much bigger than you.  Let me mull it over.

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Don't know what you consider a narrow cruiser, but I have a pair of Fischer World Cup RC4 GS skis in a 173 cm length. They are I believe around 2004 model year. Tops have 1 small area that very top layer broke away -strickly cosmetic issue. The bottoms came to me with a core shot that I had base welded and it seems to be holding up pretty well. They are labeled as greater than 21 meters but the calculators show these at somewhere around an 18 radius. They are mounted with Fischer FR17 bindings (which I may end up keeping unless the price reflects the higher price w the bindings)


I can get some photos and tip waist and tail measurements if you are interested.

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Thanks Shea but that ski won't work well for the slopes I ride.  I need something with 15m or less radius.  Probably, I'm looking for an SL sidecut. 

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Well I'd call a cruiser a less turnier ski than a slalom radius. But yes if you want under 15 then you are looking for something in an all mountain or even a slalom ski in 170 cm or lower.


Good luck in your search. Have you checked at all with Action Sports Outlet in Oakville?

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Maybe along with my Kryps, you should think about picking up my Rossi VSTi's - definitely a slalom sidecut. 


I could maybe give you a better deal if you bought both! 


EDIT:  I just figured out you're in Canada...  That could make all this a LOT more expensive.  Never mind.  Missed that...

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I realize that this was posted a while a go and it is likely to late, but if you haven’t found anything yet I have a pair Volkl Supersport S5’s for sale. I have skied on them for two seasons and they are in excellent shape.


The specs:

Length 168

Cut 115, 69, 100

Radius 14.7


Binding: IPT 12 with the Piston


I live in Stratford ON and ski Ontario and Quebec and can assure that this is a great go-fast hard pack ski with lots of edge hold and is very stable. I love to carve. Just had the edges hand tuned, so they’re ready to go.


I’m asking 375.00 CAN. for them

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