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I'm bummed out that you took links to HH and Lito off of your site...

How could you link to Barnes and that b**** Candice Carpenter and not HH and Lito?


be nice. Just because you don't agree with her stuff there is no reason to call some one that.

Edit: since SCSA was polite enough to edit...
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>I'm bummed out that you took links to HH and Lito off of your site...

How could you link to Barnes and that bitch Candice Carpenter and not HH and Lito?

What you say "take down"?? http://www.lisafitness.com/books.html

Books page "Last Updated on: May 7 , 2000"
(Mark the lazy webmaster who hasn't prodded LM to get new content up)

The links were always on her "books" page, not on the home page. There are navigation bar links to the "books" page from both http://lisafitness.com and http://ski-fitness.net (and all the other aliased domains including the ??#$!!% broken .info registry skifitness.info)

Anyhow give Lisa a break today - it's her birthday! No website updates tonight!


ps we DID take the iVillage.com links down since Lisa chose to stop being a board leader there. Was a bit inane.

However I did actually make money on the stock - got in about $4, got out about $21. Methinks some of your Candice Carpenter venom is from riding IVIL all the way down, perhaps? [img]smile.gif[/img]
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And for the record, The reason I linked to Bob Barnes' book on ski-fitness.net is because eventually I want to mention how specific exercises relate to specific ski moves. Bob's book is the only one available to non professionals that presents an organized encyclopedia of terminology.

Now lets get back on topic.
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Oh, there's the books!

That ##$%$%^ Candice Carpenter. You're the only one I know who made any money on her.

How rude of me. Happy Birthday, Lisamarie!
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As an instructor, of course I like the Dead Presidents ($) DUH!... but I have said for years... if I were rich, I would teach skiing for free, because it is so darn much fun. And good for my soul.

AC, kudos for caring about content more than $. It's not ALWAYS about $, and the decision to barter/trade/pay for services is up to the individuals involved. Quite valuable. Your efforts are appreciated by all. This place ROCKS!

I personally contribute here because I get a LOT back in return. More from the students that hang here in a lot of cases than the other instructors sometimes, but hey, that's true on the hill, too... [img]tongue.gif[/img]

It would be wonderful to teach some of the characters I have met here, if it's appropriate. That would up to the individuals involved to arrange the details, but this is a great place to check out personalities/knowledge/enthusiasm.

And done properly, with class, a wonderful place for teachers to connect with students.

I think I have already helped a few. For instance jyarddog got his boots fixed up a lot better, with a little guidance from me via emails, and on my site... Proud and happy that I could help him! And I didn't even get boot grinding dust all over myself! No $, didn't ask, or expect any.

For instance (believe it or not) I am perfectly OK with teaching/training SCSA from time to time, no $. We ski together for fun a lot. He's quite a rascal, but a good friend. You folks don't know him the way I do.

Of course, I always get crap about the fact that he usually takes a nice spill when he skis with me... and I laugh (not a mean laugh) at that scenario, 'cause it is funny... no offense SCSA. He really did raise my awareness for me about training/certifying with PMTS. And we "partner up" about techie stuff.

By keeping that "skiforyourself" idea (open mind), well, I am quite pleased with the PMTS results for myself, and my students. I certainly do feel that all the "TTS" training I have had over the years was valuable. But, I prefer the PMTS methodologies, and have much more to learn from their "camp". Major kudos to SCSA for making me aware of this stuff!

And even more kudos to Harald, Diana, and the Harb Ski Systems gang...

No, Robin, wasn't you, or anybody else. I have had to focus on my new (techie) job. It's been quite a nightmare, though it is getting better. I may do a post about it, though I should put it on my personal website, as it is not skiing related. SnoKarvers Lament. Fugly stuff going on here, but the pay (finally) is reasonably strong. What little free time I have left, I spend with my sweetheart, we now live 4 hours apart. Sigh.

Unfortunately, this gig may keep me from teaching as much as I would like... Not to mention skiing. I need to make $, I almost went completely BROKE in August-September... This summer was quite rough on me, very unemployed. Too soon to tell. The viability of this company is in question.

Would rather be back in Summit, gawd I miss it there. I am in Carbondale, CO. I am not too happy about it, but at least Mt. Sopris keeps me company on the horizon, and I am not in the city.

I know this was a little long, and some was off topic... ooops! Remember Don Adams in "Get Smart"? Sorry about that, AC (Chief).

Happy Birthday, LisaMarie!
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It's an interesting idea. Are you going to start putting this together now or a little closer to the start of the season?

I'm amazed at how much instructor traffic this site receives when the PSIA boards are sooooooooooo quiet. It's off topic but does anyone here post at PSIA also? Why, or why not? :
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Yes, Lisamarie--HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I hope you had a fantastic day. I guess it's already "tomorrow" back there on the east coast, so please accept my belated wishes!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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I have to add my Happy Birthday. I suspect you are still up? but now a day late..
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Thank you everybody! It was a great day! Mark got me a gift certficate to go see Gordon Hay for some footbeds and new boots! YIPEEEEE!!!! [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
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It's always good karma for the skiguy to pay attention to his skigirl's feet, isn't it!

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What a sweet hubby. Good going MarkXS

Have a great rest of the week you two..
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Happy b-day LM...had a sense you were a fellow Libra! Hope yday was great!
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Ah yes, Kudoos to the B'Girl, Lisamarie. Now there is a truly Happy Lady. Most women want flowers, to go out to a fine restaurant for a gourmet meal, and an expensive present [ jewlry is the prefered choice ]from their significant other or husband, or maybe both ?

Chances are the meal is a memory, the flowers are dead or dying, and the gift is either lost or not being used.

Ah yes...A pure example of efficient "American" pragmatism. The giver gets maximum enjoyment of the gift that has been given...the recipient is most pleased by what she has received...since it is something she really wanted and needed....and will remember the gift giver on a more enduring basis. What a truly nice "package." [ Clean thoughts only, please! ]

Oh, BTW does this count as one of my posts ?
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Sorry I missed it the other day, but Happy Birthday Lisamarie.

Many, many more to come, I hope.
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Thank you everybody! [img]redface.gif[/img]
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Great site, kinda sounds like what AC is setting up. Kinda stiff compitition (sp) in WA, the guys on there are damn good. DCL's, Examiners, Tech team members... I think I'll wait till I get my L3 before I register.
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I like Bergie's Best. Especially since two of my favorite instructors are listed: Natalie Terry at Sugarloaf, and Gherhard Schmidt at Stowe! :
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I'm not talking about building a generic, comprehensive index of instructors and coaches, just an organized presentation of the elite team that we know here at EpicSki. And this would be far different than those sites because the forum activity provides a unique way to get to know an instructor whom you're not already familiar with.

EpicSki is not getting into the comprehensive instructor listing business.

Soon I'll send out a request for info from instructors and coaches.
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Lisamarie, just found out you had a birthday, well Happy Birthday to you. Mine seem to come twice a year anymore....

AC, the instructors forum is a good idea though I'm past that phase. Will the posts from inquiring students be readable by us or are they private?


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! [img]smile.gif[/img] Sorry I missed it.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Grizz:
I'm amazed at how much instructor traffic this site receives when the PSIA boards are sooooooooooo quiet. It's off topic but does anyone here post at PSIA also? Why, or why not? :<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I don't post much at the PSIA site because it's usually dead.

I think you've got a great idea AC!
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AC- Like the thought could establish some goals and get some good dialoge going before you ever hit the first chair. I hate yelling over snow guns so you may be onto something!!!
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Todo--that's the best benefit yet. A lot of the preliminary "work" can be done before the lesson, and both student and instructor can show up better prepared. I like it! The forum will provide a great opportunity for followup after the experience, too.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Lisa-if you have skied with my friend Gerhard Schmidt at Stowe, please find a way to contact him. He had a mountain bike accident last year, and is now paralysed from the neck down. He returned from re-hab in Colorado, and is able to get around in his wheel-chair. He is mentally very alert. I feel honored to have skied and raced with him for 4 years, as you might know, he was on the Austrian Junior Race Team, and was one of the top Masters Racers in the East. He was also singles tennis champion at Stowe for 10 years!.
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Whoa -- No one ever said anything about a new forum. Doesn't this forum do what you are suggesting?

I am simply talking about a web page, a single web page that has a large table listing our active instructors by region and detailing all the relevant personal info as well as easy, instant access to the relevant information already compiled at EpicSki (profile, past posts, comments from past students who are also EpicSki members).
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Absolutely, AC. I'm not suggesting a new forum at all--only that the communication through current forums and private messages could be a great benefit to instructors and students alike.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Skiswift: I just logged on from ann internet cafe in Dewey Beach. What horrible news! I only took one inspiring lesson with him, but I will find a way to contact him.
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Lisamarie-a good way to contact Gerhard is to contact the person who has been organizing all the fund raisers, golf matches etc. His name is Ken Libby 802 253-7692. At this point I dont know if Gerhard has access, yet, to a specialised phone.
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