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Head injury or mild concussion handling

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I am crossposting this in the General Skiing forum so it could get more visibility


This was posted at the Ski Gear forum



Originally Posted by brandon View Post


So, after wearing a helmet for several years, yesterday became the day I was glad I had it.  Caught an edge, got turned around backwards until something else caught and slammed my head hard into the snow straight back. Even with the helmet, it really hurt.  Without, I could easily see it having been a knockout and a concussion.


So, I seem to remember helmets being one of those things that was good for its intended use once and then you toss it.  I can't find and damage on the shell or on the lining but that might not mean anything.  Should you replace the thing after one good knock or should they be able to take more than one fall.  I don't mind replacing it if needed but I'd also hate to spend the money if it is still safe to use.  Any guidance?


It is a Giro Nine if anyone cares.  Thanks in advance for any replies.

I had a similar fall last saturday, fall back after catching an edge on fresh snow, I was on the groomers though so the snow under that fresh layer has kind of hard.


I slammed the back of my head hard, I could feel like a little blast and then I had a headache, no loss of conciousness or memory loss.  Just a headache.


I went skiing the next day too, even though I was feeling tired. and I had neck pain just like brandon describes.


About the helmet I decided just to dispose it and get another, but it is more how was your experience, and others as well about this kind of hits.


Now it is Thursday and I still have a headache, I guess it is just because I have a bump there, and probably it is nothing to be worried about. all my other functions are normal.


I think I didn't have a proper concussion, because I didn't lost consciousness or memory or was dizzy, probably I was just schocked by the impact.


How do you guys manage this kind of cases, How long should I wait for the headache to go away before I have to worry and go to the doctor ?  How long do you wait after an impact like this before going skiing again ?


Thanks for your answers

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You are playing with something out of anyone's speculation here, and yours.


The brain is a serious matter when it comes to injuries. Why take the chance?


My advice is get yourself to a doctor as soon as possible and get checked out.


You could have any number of internal problems. Do it now.

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I second what Lars said.

If you've had a headache that long after an impact, you need to have it looked at.

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+3 what Lars said


Do it now.


You need a professional Medical Doctor to take a look at you.  Getting medical advice from EMTs like myself on a ski forum 1000s of miles away  is NOT what you need. 


For future reference, if you have an injury at a ski area, then at a minimum walk into the ski patrol first aid room and have ski patrol check you out.  In the USA this is free.  There are a number of simple tests ski patrol can do for head injuries.   

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I had a friend who ended up with a concussion even with a helmet on.  The doctor said the problem was her brain slammed against her skull due to the sudden impact.  Without a helmet things would have been much worse.

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Get checked! 

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Doctor, Doctor, Doctor...Now, Now, Now...


My Daughter had a type 3 last year, memory problems for 6 months. When it happened, it was just a 'tip over' I told her to "buck-up" and let's keep rolling - Ya, didn't win 'dad of the year' on that one, felt like the parent from Hell when we found out the severity.


Not trying to freak you out, nor am I a doctor, but from what I understand brain injuries can worsen within a few weeks.

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I went to the doctor today, 


He examined me and made X-Rays, said that it was probably something on the cervical spine disks that looked strange on the X-Ray and that my neck muscles are very tight, so probably this tension is what is creating a the pain, so I woul need probably rehab work there, so he orderer a scan.


I went tonight for the scan, they did it and told me nothing is broken or out of place.


It is probably just an strong hit.


I have to go to the doctor tomorrow morning with the scans and then I'll know more


I'll post it here when I know.


I didn't have any memory loss or dizziness problems, just a mild but persistent headache.

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You did the right thing.


Head injuries are nothing to mess with.


I hope your report comes back normal tomorrow.

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Yes keep an eye on that.  I know someone who got a concussion  then had a normal cat scan.  Six weeks later there was massive fluid on the brain and required emergency surgery.  Headaches were the first clue followed by odd statements then loss of balance skills.

Fwiw, there seems to be evidence now that mouth or teeth guards can be effective in reducing concussions.

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The doctor told me today that the magnetic resonance scan shows nothing wrong.


He thinks I just sprained my neck muscles or tendons because the impact threw my head back and for that reason I have the back and neck muscles tight and they are pulling the head nerves hence the headache,


He prescribed rest, and to wear a collar to help the neck to relax and give me some analgesics.


I'm at home now, the doctor gave me the day as medical rest.



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Sounds reasonable, probably all it is. But keep in mind that MRI's, like C-Scans, primarily show comparatively large areas of dead tissue or sites of active bleeding. I currently have something called "post-concussion syndrome" from an auto accident in July. My C-Scans and MRI's have consistently been normal. But I still ended up with enough brain trauma that my memory and some other abilities remain a bit off normal. So pay attention to your behavior and your memory, not just whether or not you have a headache (mine went away after about three days.)


Another type of brain scan that is better at showing current metabolic activity, locating areas that are not acting normally for a given stimulus, is a PET scan. Expensive, not many hospitals have them, so it's hard to convince docs or insurance companies you need one. Keep it in mind if your mind doesn't feel quite normal regardless of the MRI.

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