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4tix 310 issue

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Ok so this isn't going to sound too smart but here goes:


I have a set of Nomad Highnoons that I bought and installed the bindings myself (in retrospect a poor decision)


having never installed bindings before (did i say this was a bad decision yet?) i failed to check that the 'strap' or clip that holds the binding band to the heel of the binding was in place.  My roommate then threw out the box the bindings came in, assuming i was done with it.  So now one of the skis is missing this clip and everytime i am on the mtn i have to continually adjust the sole length because the heel of the binding keeps sliding back. 

So the question is: where the hell can i get this part, its just a small plastic clip that holds the band to the the binding heel and ensures that the band stays in contact with the screw on the underside of the binding.  I have looked on the internet and called a bunch of local ski shops that are atomic dealers, no luck.  any ideas?

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 I am missing the exact same part and have looked everywhere to find it.  I can find nothing.  Let me know if you get lucky.  I'll keep looking too.
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