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What level am I?

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Can someone tell me where I can find imformation or the criteria used to determine what level skier i am?
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Tell us how and what you ski, and we can help you out here.----------Wigs :
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Welcome to EpicSki, tk77! If you check the archives (use the SEARCH feature), you will find many discussions, sometimes heated, about "skier level."

What really matters is how YOU wish to be measured. What is YOUR standard? If you want to race, the answer is clear--your time relative to others is an obvious measure of your level. If you measure "level" as what kind of terrain you are comfortable on, or what kind of terrain you are capable of surviving, that's a pretty objective measurement too. Want to compare yourself on a "freestyle" scale? You'll have to be judged in a competition, or compare yourself to others who compete.

Instructors typically consider the TYPES of movements you make, how skillfully and consistently you apply those movements, and the tactics you employ to control speed, as well as your comfort level in a given condition and terrain, and your versatility and adaptability.

And we'll ask you the same question I've already asked--what is YOUR goal? What is the standard against which YOU would like to be measured? What are YOU trying to accomplish on your skis? Only when we know that can we "judge" the effectiveness of your technique toward that end. Only if we know what kind of turn you're trying to make can we tell you how "good" you are at it! Even in an instructor certification exam, we don't just measure "you"--we measure your skill level at highly specific and representative tasks.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Thanks Team.I knew this topic must have been discussed before.I guess I wasn't checking in the correct place.Lots of great info.
When asked "What is my goals"? I must say,thanks to this forum, sking is no longer just a way to pass the time till the hot tub is uncovered or the bars open.I'am now commited to becoming a better skier.Then go to the tub or pub.
Milesb,I think I have seen you before while delivering beer cans to the scap yard to fund one of my ski trips. But I think I will wait till next year to call myself a level 9.
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In the process of taking my Level one instructors training, I noticed something interesting. The new Alpine Technical manual for PSIA does not list the 9 levels of skier. The question however is still on the level 1 written exam. I searched through the whole technical manual and no mention of PSIA level 1-9. The funny part about this is the Level 1 study guide has the progressions broken out by level 1-4 skiers.
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