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Same old question...

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I'm 6'1" 180lbs. ex-bamboo basher (SL and GS)who's not bought new boards in 10+ years... looking for some ice skate/quick turn/cruiser/all mountain performance I was used to with my old race sleds (BLiz V20SL's-205cm and P9RS's-207cm) - but all in one ski. Must be getting old... want to start letting the shape do more of the work for me - but without any real loss in performance.

I've been reading and reading about all the new rides out there and frankly am completely overwhelmed by all the choices. However, I think I've narrowed the skis I'd like to demo down to the Atomic BR 9.20's (190cm) perhaps the 9.14's or 10.22's as well...

Hoping this crew might have some thoughts/recommendations with regards to these skis and/or any similar planks from other manufacturers.

Thanks gang!
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Dog, You might want to consider a mid fat. The Volkl G31 is one with a lot of performance built in. It wouldn't hurt to try the Volkl P40 F1 as well if a GS ski is your choice. 188 and 193 are the lengths I would suggest demoing in both.
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Hey Doggr

The Volant T3 Power may be a ski worthy of your consideration for you to demo.Suggest a 187-193 length consideration. You ski these skis shorter, so start at 193 [ that's as long as they make them ] and work down to length that works best for you.

It is a shaped free ride ski, that has excellent all terrain manners. The realy wonderful thing about Volant skis, is if you want to work them in the traditional forward pressuring the tip manner as skis of old, they perform very nicely, or you can lay the ski on its side and let the side cut to its thing. Your choice wherever and when ever you like.

If you think that ski is too stiff, then consider the Volant PowerKarve.
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Thanks fellas!

Headin out to Vail end of the month - figuring on a couple days of demos... this list will get me started nicely (provided they have them available).


(lol - oops, of course meant "16's" not "14's" doh!)
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I would also give the Atomic 10.20 a close look. Especially if you are looking for an all mountain ski and one pair of skis. I must say that I am really enjoying the Atomic 9.16, and 10.22, but either ski alone may not give you all you want. Good luck you should have a lot of fu as there are a lot of good ski out there.
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Hey Wink,
I do not think that any of the Volants come "too stiff" As far as an ex-racer, ice slier, in the Volant line, I would recommend the SuperKarve, I think they are making a T-3 version that would be perfect. I think it is the model that the Maher borthers are on. If not look at the Legend. The SuperKarve shape is going to be quicker edge to edge for you than the PowerKarve footprint.
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Doggr, give these mid-fats a try:

1. Volkl G31, a real ice skate for a mid-fat. Feels like a race ski under foot and holds edge very well.

2. Atomic BetaRide 10.20, same category as G31, at least in icy conditions. (I liked G31s better though...)

3. Fischer Freeride 74, for somewhat softer conditions with good feel for snow (last year's model, this year's could be good too).
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My 2 cents worth is to try the Atomic BetaRace 9.20, which is a toned down GS ski, the Atomic 10.20, a versital carving ski, and a couple of mid-fats, the Volkl G31 and the K2 Mod X Pro (coming off race skis you would probably overpower the regular Mod X). If you live out west start with the mid-fats. If you live in the east start with the Atomics.
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Good luck geeting a Volkl in anything like a 188.
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I'm starting to think the V31's and 10.20's might be a great direction to go (Fischer's sound a bit soft). The only thing I'm still worried about is over turning with these serious sidecuts - I never had a problem "carving trenches" with either of my old skis.

Also, regarding the 10.22's... what are your thoughts about trying it in a 188? (aka shorter than I would normally want if I were still running gates) Do you think the shorter length would compensate for the more "serious nature" of the ski?

One last question... do you think there are there any V31's left out there at this point in the season (especially to demo)?

Thanks again gang!
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For what it's worth, I went from 203 Dynastar MV5's and Omeglass from the early 80's to Atomic 190 cm BR 10.20 last April after a 15 year layoff. I demoed Volkl and Fischer Race ski's and several other all mountains. Bought the Atomics at a half price sale in April at Breck after demoing them and haven't looked back since. I don't do the bumps much anymore, 58-with a herniated lumbar disc from my hot dog days, but they are great on the groomers at speed, in ice, hardpack and crud. Worked fine in knee deep powder and are good for shortswing. They carve like a sharp sword in conditions from ice to packed powder!!!

I'm 5'9, and was 165# when I bought them. If this sounds like I like them, you're correct!!

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P-40 Platinum's shouldn't be overlooked either. Volkl is holding production back so they may be hard to find...ditto for the F-1's.
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You'll have to learn some newer techniques with the new skis. I'd suggest taking a lesson or two during the morning of the first day. We no longer turn the same way, there's no need for a kink and twist. Nowadays it's just transfer the weight forward and inside the turn slightly and angulate the knees and ankles. Once the ski's are on edge, they turn without too much effort.

As for the Volkl's: If you're on the east coast, the V31 is a wonderful ski. I have a pair and raced on them yesterday. If you like a more western ski, get the G31. It rocks!

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