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Washington Visit

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There's a real good chance I'll be coming to North Bend sometime during the first week of April. I'm wondering how the snowpack is and if it will hold up well enough for some good skiing while I'm there.


Also, who would be up for a western get together at a Resort out there. Either Baker or Crystal?


I'm open for ideas.

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Crystal, Hopefully!

Baker, Nope, Too Far!

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Keep your fingers crossed for more snow. We have a very non-PNW snowpack at the moment. Well, at least not what I think of as a good PNW snowpack. I'd suggest leaving venue selection until the nature of March snowfall is known.  

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Lars, If you're coming and a get together does not happen . I'd be happy to show you Crystal. I've skied there  for the past 40 years and know all the good bump lines, tree shots, backcountry and will share most, but man do we need snow. Crystal is a great place. PM me if & when...

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Just got home from a golf outing and have been informed that we're going to be leaving for Seattle and the North Bend area April 5th for 5 days.


Just wondering what skis to bring in hopes of good snow conditions at Alpental and Crystal. What 's it like now and the outlook for the week of the 5th? And anyone who might want to make some turns with the Lars, or at the very least drink a few brews together?


The last time I was there Alpental was magnificant, and Crystal was fogged in.

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Don't worry about snow pack.  It's just great right now and no matter what, it won't melt enough to make a difference by the time you come.  April 5 is too far out to tell much, but right now it's more like winter than winter was.  Lots of new nearly every day.  I hope it continues for you.


I'll be in the Southwest when you're here, otherwise I'd offer to show you Baker.  Have a great visit. 

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So Lars inquiring minds want to know. Are you a skier that golfs , or vice versa? I'm betting you more than hold your own on the course too.


I've started going to the driving range to feed my golf obsession. Unfortunately around here now, you can play golf8- 9 months a year. Wish we could flip the seasons to be honest.

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Well, I suppose I'd classify myself as a skier who also loves golf. Skiing comes so natural to me and is never a struggle. Hell, i haven't even fallen this year. How boring is that?


Golf on the other hand, is more of a struggle for me. I have to concentrate on my game all the time and struggle with a consistant swing. But, I'm happy to score in the low 80's most of the time with the occasional round in the 70's. My game has gone down from major flaws in my turn because of shoulder reconstruction in both shoulders. Plus, I never held a golf club till I was 27, whereaas, i've been on skis since 4.


The ski season has deteriorated so quickly here. So, the call of the green grass has just been too intoxicating. As much as I still love skiing, golf rates a close second.


But, passing up the chance to play golf down South for this trip to ski the NorthWest should tell you something. I was hoping for some response from the NW guys. I know there are some awesome skiers out there. But, I ski alone alot. I'll have fun anyhow.

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Originally Posted by Lars View Post


I was hoping for some response from the NW guys. I know there are some awesome skiers out there. But, I ski alone alot. I'll have fun anyhow.

spindrift, Atomicman, and Quickfoot all replied.  PM them.  They're all great guys who will show you the goods.  It's going to dump all week in the Cascades.  There's a winter storm warning out right now.

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