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What about Head Xenon?

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Hi. I started looking for a new pair of skis and i came across the Head Xenon 10.0. First of all i am 17 year old, i live far from good resort so i only ski about 15 days a year. But i think i am a very good skier, (I allway try to improve) i have group lessons and I am allways choose to the best group. The problem is that although i like skiing fast  many times i must perform short turns (like when i am in lessons). My current skis are Crossmax v12 about 4 years old. I like them a lot but i think they aren't very versatile, i think that they could be better at short turns...


So I saw the head xenon. They only have a 12.8m radius (170cm). They are in first place in many ski tests and they have great reviews. And they look really great! Are they really any good compared to head supershape or the ixrc? Will i lose any speed compared to the crossmax?

I really just want to know more about this skis, if anyone could help


By the way i am 180cm and 60kg.

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 Xenon 10s are a great overall choice to ski with.  (Advanced skier, 19 years of skiing)
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