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Help choosing a WestCoast Ski

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5'8", 150lbs, Level 8+ Skier


I currently ski on a K2 Axis pair that I got when I started skiing several years ago. I've improved a ton but I have the same gear and need to upgrade. I ski mainly in Tahoe, Park City, and Snowbird and like skiing powder when it's there...otherwise, I like doing bumps. I really don't enjoy groomers much.


Is there a good compromise ski that will perform well in the powder but also respond on bumps? Or do I need to get a dedicated powder ski?


Recommendations appreciated!

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Any help? Please.

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Can you demo many/any skis? Do that or you are rolling dice when basing your decision solely on reviews. I have found that certain ski's do much better under a heavier skier versus a lighter skier (weight can bring out the benefits of certain designs), so read reviews, ask the questions, talk to the sales folks and demo (over a full day) as many ski's as you can.  Have patience.  Or not and just go buy some and learn to love them (cause you will - it's skiing after all!!!)


I've tried several, I'm very close to your dim's (5'9", 147lbs, good skier) and I'm making a similar decision. I like the tree's, softer snow, tighter turns, slightly damper ski but not K2 Outlaw damp (I used to own those).

Ski's I've demoed:

The Dynastar Mythic Rider in a 178 - real popular with the heavier folks on the thread but a bit more ski than I want.

Volkl Mantra in a 177 - great ski but a bigger turn radius (on paper) than I like, a bit less forgiving, good fun in the trees. It's a possible for me, maybe in a 170 length.

Fisher Watea 84 - for a slightly narrower waisted ski I really enjoyed this one. Quick in the trees, turny on hard-pack, light and lively everywhere.  Try this one as an early entrant in your demos to set a standard. I found the top end (could have been me) on a super steep slope that had 4-6 inches of hard chunky crud. Not a big negative considering how well it did everywhere else, and it wasn't a lost cause, just a bit less stable than I wanted (my Outlaws would have handled those conditions better, as would the Prophet - see below).

Line Prophet 100 - on the other end of the waist size spectrum.  I really liked this ski. Fun all over the mountain. The harder I pushed it, the more it gave back to me.

Volkl AC30 - mucho fun on the front side, packed runs. slightky smaller sweet spot than the Watea, slightly stiffer than the Watea, so a bit more to handle in the trees.

Volkl Tigershark - front side ski. Scared me in the tree's. Stiffer than I want.


Leading the pack for me are the Line Prophet 100's, then replace my Volkl Karma's at some point with the Watea 84 or whatever is the sweet new ski like that one. That will give me a "no new snow in a week or two" ski (Watea) and spend the rest of the time on the Prophets. Both are OK (considering dimensions) in bumps, but I don't go out of my way to find bumps... Hope that gives you food for thought.

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I have the Mantras and if I was doing it again i would go with the Volkl Gotamas.  Softer and wider than the Mantras, better in powder, chutes and other tight spots and probably one of the more popular single ski quivers in the Tahoe area.  I have a few friends that ski the Gotama and they all swear by it


I'm assuming that you mean soft bumps not hard pack pure mogul lines.


I don't know the other skis listed above so I can't really comment on the earlier posts.

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A bump ski is typically in the 60mm - 70mm range under foot.  A powder ski is around 90mm and up.  20mm - 30mm is a relatively large difference.  They are at complete opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to under foot dimensions.


The answer to your question is, No, there isn't a good compromise ski that'll perform well in both powder and bumps. There is however a compromise ski that'll do both very poorly. 


I love skiing the bumps and the ski i use is 67mm underfoot; my powder ski on the other hand is 96mm.

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