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Hey Ott?

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What does weiber mean? There's a lift in Lech called the Weibermahderbahn. I know mahder is meadow, but what's the other part?
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I don't speak German, but Babelfish says it is "Women".

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Epic, Weib means woman or wife, Weiber is the plural of Weib as in women or wives.

I skied Lech a year ago, though I liked Zuers and St. Anton somewhat better. Lech is somewhat tamer and a great cruising area. Although, if you look for it, some hairy stuff can be found on all mountains.

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Epic, did you ski it? It is a comparatively short chair from the top of the Petersboden lift but there is a timed speed section you can ski where you can see how fast you are going.

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