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Stratton from NYC, 2/21

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Taking the NYCSKi and Board bus up to Stratton this Saturday to use my free Stratton10k ticket. It's my first time to the mountain and I'm riding alone, so any advice about the mountain appreciated! Let me know if you feel like taking a few runs or getting a drink before the bus leaves to go back to New York

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Ugh I would so love to go to Stratton this weekend. I went there last year and busted up my knee so after a year of recouping, I've wanted to go back and master the mountain that I feel on. I can't go this weekend but any other weekend would be great. I didn't even know there were busses going there. Send me more info about the bus if you can. Thanks :) 

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There was great snow at Stratton on Saturday, sorry you missed it!


A bunch of different sports shops run bus trips up there, including NYCSki and Board, Paragon, Emilio's, and a few others. Check out this thread for some more info, and I'm sure there are other threads with this info once the advanced search function gets up and running on the new site. Feel free to PM me if you have any more questions!

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