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Hello All,


I wanted to announce that we are having a team race at holimont to benefit the Adaptive program.  last year we raised $2,000 and this year we are going for much more.


The Spring Fling Ski Race at Holimont is a team race to benefit the Phoenix (Adaptive) program.

Teams will compete for prizes and bragging rights on the best race hill in Western NY.

Cost per team: $200 includes lift tickets, the race, food, beverages, and awards.


a “Fun” division will race an easier course appropriate for all skiers

a “Race” division for the spandex-clad speed-freaks.

Team: 5 people per team, at least one female per team.

Format: Giant Slalom, college seeding on Fall Line @ Holimont Ski Area

2 runs per team member - each team member’s best time counts for team time

3rd run “Flip” for the top 15 men and top 5 women from the “Race” division

Best time from first 2 runs determines the run order for the flip.

Start: 10:00am for the “Fun” division, 11:30am for the “Race” division.

Background: The Phoenix Program is an adaptive ski program, which offers ski instruction and guidance to individuals with special needs and unique challenges: mental or physical. Started in 1996 with three students, three instructors and a lot of enthusiasm the program has continued to grow and evolve. Staffed with more instructors and volunteers, the Phoenix program enrolls students with mental, physical, and emotional challenges with each student receiving a customized program to fit their individual needs. The latest high-tech adaptive ski equipment is available to accommodate sitskiers, four track skiers, blind skiers and most other adaptive skiers.

To Register: go to and click on the “Spring Fling” link.


You can also go to the facebook event here: