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Are these boots too big?

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I'm a level 6/7 eastern skiier (skiing since early childhood through high school, but took some years off and just got back into it) who's updgrading from some mid-level equipment that I bought last year when I didn't have the money for good stuff. 


My stats are 5'6", 160lbs, size 6.5 shoe on the boot board. I should also note that while my foot is rather small, I have cyclist calves that are pretty thick.


I'm upgrading from an Atomic B-Tech 50 in 24.5. Those seemed to fit well, but I wanted something stiffer.


This weekend, I went to a local shop and purchased a pair of Tecnica Dragon 100 in 25.5. I believe this may have been the smallest size the shop had in stock (red flag). The bootfitter thought they would work for me, but he put a rubber toe cap on the front of the liner and adjusted the position of the 3rd buckle to put it in the tighter setting. In the shop, it felt nice and tight. My big toe on my left foot, which is about 0.5cm bigger than my left) was just barely touching the front of the boot liner in a standing position.


Anyway, I spent the last 2 days on them and here's what I'm feeling. My foot (right more than left) has a lot of fore-aft movement. When I go to carve, I feel like my heel comes up and I'm on the ball of my foot. I almost feel like my skis are twisting underfoot. Both my ankles are rather sore, which doesn't seem right.


I was able to clamp down the 2nd buckle and that seemed to make my foot more stable, but of course it also made it numb and painful. Doing a search on the board, people mention this as an indication the boot is too big. I also tried my foot in the shell without the liner, as the FAQ mentioned, and it seems like I have a good inch or so of room behind my heel.


So would you agree that this boot is too big, even though the toes on my left foot just barely touch the front of the boot liner? Or is this model not good for me and my short legs with wide calves? Is it possible for the upper cuff to be too tight and hold my foot "up" out of the boot? 


Seems like by Occam's Razor, the simplest explanation is probably right on... the boots are too big. Agree?

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How many of these posts do we have to read....?

Your boots are obviously too big.  Return them and go get something that fits you properly.  While you're at the store, smack the 'bootfitter' in the head, he should know better (putting a 'toe cap' in the boot - jeeze). 


There are many high performance boots available in a size 24 shell.  The calf issue can usually be managed by adjustment or deletion of the forward lean shim.

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Thanks. Sorry to be redundant. Just wasn't sure if the calf issue or the difference in flex from the B50 might have been confusing what I was feeling.



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No apology necessary.  I'm frustrated for you, not with you .


There are so many good resources out there (just look at the stickies in this section for example) that it's really inexcuseable for someone to be fitting/selling boots like this.



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Return the boots, get your money back and move on.  Any bootfitter that uses toe caps to make the boot feel smaller is not worth wasting your time with.



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Yeah, the epilogue of the story is actually good. I took the boots back that day and the owner of the shop  was there. I explained what was happening and he said, "Ok, let me measure you and I'll order whatever sizes we need." My right foot measured a 24.0 and my left just a hair longer. He said the 24.5 would probably be too big and he called Tecnica who located a 24.0 at a shop out west. In the meantime, he pulled a brand new ladies boot off the rack, which I tried on and fit nicely, and said "Use these until the new ones arrive." I used 'em over the weekend and while they were certainly softer than what I would want, they fit my foot great. 

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Hi Kauffee,


If you read the "wiki" at the top of this section,  You may find that a 24. is to big,  you should ignore the marked sizing on the boot and go by shell fit, remember if the boot feels great out of the box it is probably to big.

By the way a B-50 is a pretty low end boot(beginner)---for your weight and height I would recommend a B-70 or higher.




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Well the B-50 was my old boot that I'm replacing with the Tecnica Dragon 100. I think that should be a better boot for my weight and skill level.


I'll be sure and check the shell fit when I get the new boots. Thanks again for the help.



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Mike, I checked the shell fit of a loaner 24.5 Tecnica ladies boot they gave me to use while I wait for the Dragon 100 in 24.0 to come in. I have about 1" behind the heel, so definitely more than there should be.


I have a feeling you're right and that the 24.0 in the Dragon will be too big, as well. Do you know how much difference in mm there is between the half-size increments?


Pretty frustrating because I measured 24.0 on Tecnica's foot board, and since no shop around here carries those sizes, everything has to be special ordered.


I figure at least if I know how much each half-size equates to in mm, I could know whether to order a 23.5 or 23.0 or whatnot.


Thanks again for the help. 

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Ok, just did some more searching and realized that a 24.5 and a 24.0 Tecnica should have the same shell size. However, apparently Tecnica's higher-end boots (of which I'm assuming the Dragon 100 is one) are lower volume at a given size then the lower end, like the boot they gave me to borrow.


So I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but we'll have to wait and see.



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Hi again,


The light is coming on------.  IMHO boots are marked to make them easy for uniformed salesmen to sell to uninformed buyers.  That is the manufacturers know that Mom told you "your toes shouldn't touch the front of your shoes"---you are Hard Wired mentally to purchase all foot apparel that way. 


Most ski shops are retailers only and concentrate on getting the money into the till.  "The customer is always right" rules---so why argue about how a boot should fit to ski well---"everyone just wants to be comfortable" ---right?.


A one inch shell fit is to big and will be a long lasting mistake.




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It really sounds like you are going to need a Nordica Doberman Jr 100 or Tecnica RP 100 in a 23 or sz 5. I see this all the time with really small feet and I generally downsize to a kids hi performance race boot. Also, Atomic CS series has some real small shell sizing too.


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Well I'm a quick learner, but I never would've known this without this site. Even in the 24.5, my toes were really snug up front when I'm not actually going down the mountain. So in the shop, I would never have gone smaller than that. But clearly, it's too big a boot.


If shell size only increases every other mondo size increment, then is the half-size difference just the bootliner? If that's the case, do you choose the bigger/more comfy bootliner (i.e. the 24.0) or the smaller (i.e. 23.5) bootliner. Seems like if you're going to pack it out anyway, it probably doesn't make much difference.



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Originally Posted by kauffee View Post


. Seems like if you're going to pack it out anyway, it probably doesn't make much difference.





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So it seems Tecnica is out of the 23.0 and 23.5 model of this boot. I called some shops at Alta and Snowbird, where I'll be in 2 weeks, but they don't have those sizes either. In fact, they don't have any boots in stock in that size anymore. 


Do any of you have any ideas where I could find this boot (or something comparable)? If not, are there any real differences b/w the men's Dragon 100 and the women's Attiva Dragon 100? The color scheme isn't overly feminine, though they claim there's some women's calf shape thing. 

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