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Hi guys,


I am interested in getting a new boot. I am looking at the Atomic RT CS 130 (or 100) and the Lange Comp Pro. I am an advanced skier. I weigh 155 lbs.  I prefer boots with more forward lean. I have read on Epic that the new Lange is more upright than the old one. I am not sure though. I heard that the Atomic has more forward lean than the Lange. Again, not sure about that. 


 I have a few questions for you.


1. For my weight, would you recommend the RT CS 130 or the 100?

2. Which boot has more forward lean, the Atomic or the Lange?

3. Which boot has a warmer liner? Warmth is important for me. I would consider the Ti but it is a race boot and has a thinner (colder) liner.


Btw, is there a big difference in warmth between the Ti and CS?


Thank you.