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Nodica Supercharger Enforcer - '08 model

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Me: 5’11” – 195 lbs level 8 or so skier -

Enforcers: 169 cm - tip/waist/tail:135/98/125 (’08 model, so it is the twin tip version – bindings mounted in the ride setting, not the air setting)

Skiing at Copper Mountain – 2” of new snow with packed powder conditions. Spent the day skiing the bowls to try to work these skis where they are at their best.
Quick synopsis: These are indeed serious planks. They need a strong pilot and are at their best when aggressively driven in deep snow. They will get you across the groomers on your way to and from the back bowls without causing you to feel like you are driving a ¾ ton pickup that’s lost its power steering, but they won’t make you think you’re riding a pair of GS race skis either.
I have not spent much time on real powder type skis and although these skis are not always considered deep powder skis, being just less than 100 mm under foot, these are serious planks and are definitely not a front-side, cruise the groomer ski.

Started the day with a couple of groomed runs to make my way up to Jupiter Bowl at Copper. At first, the skis felt truly like two planks. Sluggish, unresponsive and not willing to go where I wanted them to go. However, by the time I got to the S chair, I’d figured out that 1) this skis need some speed to get working and 2) you can’t just ride ‘em, you’ve got to drive ‘em.
With just 2” of new snow, there wasn’t any real deep pow to get, but the conditions at Jupiter (and the rest of the bowls) were still good with some pockets of deeper drifted snow and generally good soft snow with a bit of sink. Once on to the softer conditions, these skis really shined. In the softer snow, they will allow a bit of skidding without creating too much of a fuss, but they really worked better with good carving technique. Although they were a bit more responsive at slower speeds in the soft snow, they still worked better when I cranked up the speed.
These are also not a very forgiving ski especially if you get a bit behind or wind up in the back seat at all. As long as I stayed centered or kept some pressure on the tips, they were good skis, but if I let myself get a bit lazy, they would lock in and push me into the back seat in a heartbeat.
The Enforcer’s are not my cup of tea; however, I could see them being a good choice for an aggressive skier with modern carving skills, especially for skiing a regular diet of deep snow. I did notice a bit of “twin tip” washing out of the tails in some turns. Makes me wonder how different the ski handles if the bindings had been mounted on the “air” setting, ie. a more centered binding position.
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I have a pair of these also 169.  I think they are a great ski, but a bit short for me.  They are for sale with bindings for $400.  I've skied them about 6 times mostly in powder.  PM me if anyone is interested.

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