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Edge numbers.....HUH?

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Hey guys. so i just came back from sporting life dropped off my skis so i can get them tuned for my provincial races coming on monday and tuesday of this week. I got a Hand Tune, which is what they reccomended to me, and at $65 each, i'm hoping for a good job. So apparently it includes race wax, and edge setting and sharpening. i've been always getting the skis at store settings, and i've always had problems with grip. They reccomended i get a 1 degree - 2 degree on my Slalom skis, and a 0.5 degree - 3 degree on my Giant Slalom skis. What does it actually mean? and is this an edge setting thats gonna help me with grip on ice?


how durable are the edge settings? how long are they gonna last? they have to last a whole day of skiing for each ski and 4 races through out a day.


any help would be good.


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The 1/2 and the .5/3 are the numbers for the base edge/side edge bevel (the higher the number the more bevel, and the more the edge grip (but with other consequences, because more is not necessarily better) and all assuming that your skis started with a 0/0 or 90 degree edge). The.5/3 degree edge sets for the GS skis are pretty standard. However, the 1/2 set for the slalom will not feel the same on the snow, so my recommendation is to get both sets of skis done the same, so you have a common starting point, and then determine if you want more or less base or side edge bevel. Also, you didn't mention what make of ski you're on and most manufacturers have their own bevel set recommendations. You might refer to the following site for some major manufacturers recommendations. As I said, more is not necessarily better, although World Cup racers have been known to use up to 4 and 5 degree side bevels for grip on the ice rink courses they encounter but that set is not very durable and must be retuned very frequently. The most common edge sets are .5  to 1 degree for base bevel and 2 to 3 degree side bevels (depending on event and conditions). Good luck.

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This is completly backwards.


Your slalom skis should be set to .5/3 to start. (More edge grip onlequates to a higher number on the side edge not the base edge) if you find the skis too grabby you may want to increase the base bevel only to a .7 or a 1 degree. but 3 is very standard for side edges.



Your Gs ski should be 1/3. You need a bit more base bevel to be able to feather the ski in and out of the turn in GS.


Base bevel determines how quickly your ski gets to the edge. With .5 being very quickly and abruptly and 1 being more smooth and needing bit more inclination. But a true one degree is by no means sloppy or inadequate.



Look for some posts by Alpinord that include excellent graphics. Search for Post by Alpinord, Keywords, Bevel Angles




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Lots of places are recommending 0.5/3 for GS.  No one is recommending 1 base for slalom.


If anything, Atomicman is right, you or they have them labelled backwards. 0.5/3 for SL and 1/2 for GS is far more common.


However, I'd still go 1/2 for everything -- a 3 degree side means you need to move quite a bit more to release it.


BTW: most shop tunes are 1/2. They are just not as sharp as a hand tune.  I can't say what sporting life will do with them though.  I tune my own - I know what the skis are like.

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Here is where I dumped edge details and some others in our tuning tip Resources (bottom of page). Let me know if you need something drawn to illustrate a point. Feel free to link to the images, but please provide source info if you do.


Best regards,


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Yea, so i kinda researched and scanned around the net and forums, and knew immediately that they reccomended some really not right edges.

I went back the next morning, (today) and changed both my edges to different ones. I changed my GS skis from .5/3 to a .7/3, And i Changed my Sl Skis from a 1/2 to a .5/3. I think that makes a whole lot more sense, and it gives me the option to bring it to a 1 and /3 for both, if i need too.


how does .7/3 on GS, and .5/3 on SL sound? good for ice? help me grab an edge on massive icy ruts?


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You're on the right track.



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sounds good to me, but you may want to keep the base edge on the gs skis at .5 or 1 because if you plan to tune them yourself most side and base edge adjustable angle guides go in .5 degree increments

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