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Knee bonk: avoiding surgery at all costs

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After an x-ray and MRI, my orthopedist said I do not need surgery (yay!) at this time.  Today he injected some kind of steroid into the injured area…the kneecap is scraping against my leg bone when I squat down.  There’s some other minor stuff but nothing wrong with any of the ligaments—whew.


He said, if I am paraphrasing correctly, that the bones need a bit more time to heal from the initial injury (severe impact directly on the kneecap) and then I need to rebuild strength in the quads and knee area to keep the leg strong as well as keep the patella tracking correctly.


So, more than ever, I’m way motivated to get back to the gym and get this leg/knee strong and stable.   I belong to a small fitness center that has the usual bunch of weight machines as well as heaps of free weights and cardio equipment too.  What specific exercises/equipment/moves should I focus on in order to get my leg and knee area strong and maintain the already good stability I have in my favor?

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Anytime you can avoid the knife is a very good thing!



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Sugar Cube,

Congratulations on not needing surgery. My PT gave me the following specifically for patella issues, which it sounds like you have. He claims that Lance Armstrong and his team and the NFL do these. yeah, well....


Very specific leg lifts to be done every day.


1. lying down on your back with one knee bent, not severely, foot on the floor, tighten the quad muscles in the other leg (knee cap pulled up), completely locked with foot hard flexed. (toes toward your head, heel down) raise that straight leg until the thigh is parallel with the one that's bent.

2. Lower leg and completely relax it (this is the most important part, relaxing then flexing again.)

3. repeat 5-8-10 times


4. same thing, but this time hold at the top for 5- 8-10 seconds


5. same thing, but this time pump leg up and down once in the up position for 8-10 reps.


6. repeat the WHOLE thing - all three versions, but this time propped up on your elbows.


7. repeat the WHOLE thing - all three versions, but this time sitting up a little past 90 degrees. This is VERY VERY hard. You may only be able to raise your leg an inch or so off the ground. (if it's easy, you're not doing it right) Very important not to lean back - you'll want to. you want to be seated completely upright, even forward a little. The first time I did this my leg cramped up.


The relaxing between each leg lift is critical. these are a lot tougher than they sound especially the last set sitting up. Your quads will get strong this way.

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Thanks, Mom, these exercises sound like just what the doctor wants me to be doing.  I think I'll let the steroid stuff do its thing a day or two longer (still have some nagging stiffness in the joint but no real discomfort) and then get busy.


Yes, Bonni, I'm ecstatic that he said no surgery, at least for now.  I'm willing to work hard to rehab the knee and get it strong and healthy again. 

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