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Epic Utah snow - Page 2

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Skied Alta Thursday and Friday foot of fresh had a great time! Missed the dump coming tomorrow had to come home but looking for the next one after that!

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Just got an Alta powder alert 22" of fresh!!! You guys out there must be loving it! ENjoy let us know how it is.

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A lot of the new snow was wind-packed this morning, so the top 2-4" was chunky (for lack of a better word).  But there were exceptions if you hunted around.  Skies cleared up around 11am, and it ended up being an awesome day.  I actually thought the afternoon conditions were better than the morning, especially if you like skiing crud and bumps.


Several major areas (Devil's Castle, Cecret Saddle, all of Backside) are still closed, so there will be first tracks opportunities in the coming days as they open them up.

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Thanks Skier219 for the update.

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   It was um...good today. Skied PCMR. Freshies or near freshies all day from front side to the back bowls. Everything was open.

   Sounds like half of Alta was closed today. Tomorrow is going to be outstanding. The snow is light blower with just enough wind compression to give it a nice spring out of the turn = hero snow. I heard that Brighton reported the highest totals, over two feet, but it was pretty much bottomless everywhere, I imagine.

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Snowbasin reported 16" this morning with more accumulating till it began to break around noon.  Freshies all day yesterday, & most of today.


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Hey, Mr. Crab, you better watch out! I heard Plankton was heading to SLC to ski!

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Yeah, I ran over him yesterday...

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Man, that just ain't right. The guy only has one eye for god's sake!  Speaking of which it had to be hard for him to find goggles.




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Just returned from a wonderful weak of Wasatch skiing.  Skiied at Alta on Tuesday after the 2 ft. dump.  The snow was great and got tracked out very quick with much of the good stuff not opened.  The snow was good all week and it was beautiful bluebird powder conditions.

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Glad it snowed for you. You hit it right got the powder early in the week so you could ski it all week. How were the conditions the last day or so?


I am trying to figure out when to go back but timing it with a storm is like trying to figure out what mag cover Michelle Obama will be on next.

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the last day we skiied at deer valley (ugh...yes i know).  it was a good bit warmer that day so the snow was a little heavier and crusty in areas.  but on daly chutes, the snow was still really good, just a bit chopped up.  I was very impressed with the snow all 5 days of skiing.  The temps. were cold so the snow stayed great. 

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