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I am gutted!

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This is not a happy day. I was hoping to head to Copper Mtn next winter and work there, where I know some great people, and now I know (and like) Summit county.
But. for a sponsored work visa, they aren't taking people like me this time around (level 2).
argh...the people here at work must wonder why I'm so bear-like this morning.

So I'll have to start looking elsewhere, and hope that this isn't a general trend. I know unemployment is rising in the US, and will have to hope it's not going to affect all US resorts that sponsor overseas instructors. Anyone know if this is happening?

if anyone wants to recommend me a hill...I'm all ears (eyes)!
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I sent a p.m.
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I don't know about the whole work visa situation in Utah, but the resorts around Park City would be a good choice. That's where I plan to work through college.
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It's interesting, a colleague who worked for the first time at a Park City area resort remarked last week that next year, only returners and "apprentice" instructors would get visas next year. The latter teach the toddlers. i'm a bit worried by how it ties in so closely with what Copper have advised.
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While the idea of heading to this part of the world may seem appealing, I'd just like to add that Milton Keynes isn't hiring this summer either, so, that's one of the best ski areas in Europe ruled out.

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bummer ant. The writing was on the wall this season though. Go north young women or learn german\spanish\italian and hit Europe. If all else fails get a real certification ... [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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It's kind-of tough, as I gave up my civil service career to do fulltime year-round instructing. If the US door is slammed shut (very suddenly), it doesn't leave many options.

I can't see any Canadian resorts offering to sponser foreigners...they seem to rely on young people who can get a one-off working visa for working holidays.

I have no european relatives, so getting into europe is difficult (if not impossible), it is very hard to find out what the actual story is with europe.

If this turns out to be happening right across the US (ie the INS has changed the rules) it'll be interesting to see the effects. Resorts will have to take greater numbers off their hiring clinics, i wonder what the impact of that will be?

It will also mean that other countries will tighten up their rules for US instructors wanting to teach in the southern season. There's total reciprocity in these work immigration things, it seems.
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I really hate to see this sort of thing happen. I think it's kinda cool to see foreign instructors and lifties on the hill. Good luck, Ant.
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I called Eldora and learned the sad news that the situation is the same for next year. They will hire instructors with a student (J1) visa only.

Ant I'm sorry. Can you not register for one class at a university and be classified as a student?
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I am VERY sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, America is in the midst of a very %$*#ed up business culture right now.

The driving "model" that many business leaders gullibly follow is the model of "lean and mean" -- meaning, keep piling on the work, don't give raises, and reduce the staff. This business model is supposed to ferret out the "devoted employees" and cull the "only here for the pay and benefits" crowd.

It's also designed to let the individual business managers feel as though they are doing something good for their business, and it lets them "prove" to the business owners that they are earning their keep. Many managers feel like they have to "do something NOW!" and can't leave things alone, even when they're working well.

So, our current business climate is SQUEEZE 'EM 'TIL THEY POP!

I recently found out that I'm unemployed as of June 30 2003. You can bet I'm not happy about it. Jobs are VERY hard to obtain where I live. I'm going to be an overeducated record store clerk or something similar, I'll bet.

This generally happens when an aggressively conservative, pro-big business Repub is in the White House. The GOP don't care if the "little guy" loses a job.

Again, VERY sorry. I'm hoping some of the Bears who are your fellow ski teaching pros can lend some help. Best of luck.
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I'm going to be an overeducated record store clerk or something similar, I'll bet. -- Gonzostrike
At Rockin Rudy's? If so, we might finally meet since I stop there every time I pass through Missoula.

Ant -

Instead of looking at the US where our current administration is using 9/11 to make all immigration harder, have you considered Canada? I skied at Red Mountain last winter & I was amazed at the number of Aussies working there and apparently at numerous other BC resorts according to conversation I had with Aussies while riding up the lifts.
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Yeah, I'm a bit puzzled by it. I need to research more, to find if it's just a few big resorts, or right across the board. I was hoping a few people here might know...
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That would be my preference, Rio. Their selection is the broadest in town. Ear Candy has good stuff too, but they stock only tiny indy label stuff in very select genres, some of which do not interest me (electronica, 4th rate garage bands, rave, etc).

Maybe they'll let me pour beer at Kettle House?
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You could make popcorn at the local theater, Gonzo.

(Edited to be nicer to Gonzo.)

I've been hearing these same excuses since I started my first job in 1971. "We have to tighten our belts, times are hard so we aren't giving raises this year, the economy is bad, you're lucky to have a job", and all that horseshite. While I survived a lot of cuts over the years, all that hogwash never made anyone more appreciative of keeping their jobs. It's just wrong. Be honest, employers. Say, "We aren't giving you a raise because we are giving it to the top management guys." Then I'll believe you.

[ April 30, 2003, 04:46 PM: Message edited by: Bonni ]
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I do not think the US hiring criteria has changed, certainly the word on the ground is not to hire any new foreign "qualified" (ISIA stamp) instructors and not to replace those that have left voluntarily. This leaves you out of the picture altogether Ant unless you go the J1 visa path.

The general resort focus is on part time employment and this does not allow Visa instructors any way in. Expect much, much more, overqualified in office work, but nil qualifications in skiing type instructor hiring to occur.

The US economy is shot and has not hit bottom as yet. Resorts\Travel businesses are fast going broke due to many factors. VA, the biggest ski company just came out of the worst set of winter financials ever and is scratching for answers. Skiing price base is geared for booming economies and high discretionary spending. Both of these conditions no longer exist anywhere near the high base of the 90s.

In these conditions only the very best, qualified instructors will have any look in. The trouble is the best will have to make do with bottom end wages and conditions.

Who looses ..... the customer of course.

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This is not encouraging! It seems so sudden, too.
So we down here might be seeing less US instructors if things follow their usual course.
US HR culture is quite amazing, they export some of the best theories, but don't seem to practise them.

and yeah, I'm thinking the same as some of you, that the knock-on effects to the ski lesson consumer will be unfortunate, too.
All that work to pass PSIA Level 2...for nothing!
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What about Canada?
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I shall have to investigate Canada and Europe, both are harder to break into from what I've heard. And if that's no good, I guess there'll be one less ski instructor in the world! As I'll have to go back to fulltime working in a job, rather than 2 tours of duty per year instructing. It is sustainable if you do 2 seasons, it's not if you can only do one.
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Feeling happier...a Bear (a foreign one like me) has put me onto a hill that is still taking non-US people. Long way from Colorado, I shall have to change my PSIA membership back to what it was. At least I can stay a member of PSIA!
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Well good for you ant. I hope everything works out for the better.

Originally posted by gonzostrike:

I recently found out that I'm unemployed as of June 30 2003. You can bet I'm not happy about it. Jobs are VERY hard to obtain where I live. I'm going to be an overeducated record store clerk or something similar, I'll bet.

This generally happens when an aggressively conservative, pro-big business Repub is in the White House. The GOP don't care if the "little guy" loses a job. QB]
Sorry to hear about your job loss as well gonz. Just a thought, you might want to DC the I lost my job because Bush is President theory. It seems a bit wacky.

Have you thought of hanging your own shingle? You will be a much happier camper. You can freely love or hate your boss and fight with him whenever you want. Just dont expect to win the arugments. It just aint that hard to do and the rewards are legion.

Keep us informed.

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