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Ski for Heli Trip - Recommendation Needed

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I'm 5' 7" 150lb and an advanced skier (in the East).  I've got my first heli trip planned in a couple of weeks in Utah and would like a recommendation for a powder ski that would suit my size and skill level.  I've skied in Utah on reasonably big powder days but am by no means an "experienced backcountry skier".  I ski 2008 Salomon Fury 170s as my all-mountain ski and Head Ixrc 800s on hardpack.  I'm thinking that I'll need something wider than the Fury but still somewhat forgiving.  Given that this is the first trip to the back country I'm looking something that is going to help me enjoy the experience rather than something that is built to rip the biggest lines.

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Leave your skis at home and use theirs.  Seriously.

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What CA said.  They chuck the skis in the basket like cordwood.  Might as well let them beat up their own gear.  Usually they have pretty decent powder boards.

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Wasn't planning on taking mine.  Skiing for a couple of days out there at Snowbird before the trip and was going to demo some wider skiis with the intention of using if I liked them.

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A bit of searching here and TGR, etc. will reveal the usual suspects. Which, depending on your style and interests, includes a  growing list of skis like Kuros, Praxis Powders & Protests, Pontoons, Hell Bents, EP Pros, Armada ARGs or JJs, Rossi S7s, Bentchetlers, Lotus 138s, Czars, PM Gear Lhasa Pows, Huge Troubles, etc, etc, etc.


It'd be surprising if several of these were not on the operator's "happy list". Have you asked the heli co.?

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Call Carmen at www.wasatchpowderskis.com and demo anything from PM Gear, DPS, and/or Praxis from them.


And I'd strongly recommend Lhasa Pow in 186 -- the carbon/glass version. I just skied them for a week at Alta and loved them. They won't feel like a huge change from the midfats you are accustomed to whereas some of the superfat R/R skis may take some getting used to. Plus, the Lhasas will be great all over the 'Bird and not just off the Heli.


You're a lucky man...after snowing all last week, they got 17" in the last 12 hours and another foot coming between now and tomorrow morning!

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Thanks Re-Skier.  Helpful post.  Hopefully the snow will just keep dumping out there.

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dude, don't jinx it

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I looked at Wasatch Powder Skis website and no Praxis boards advertised.

They have


You have some inside info Re-Skier?
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