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Announcing CUBEFEST

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Are you a female Intermediate skier that just can’t break through to the next level?  Are you the skier that just can’t quite keep up with the folks you normally ski with?  Are you the skier that just “isn’t sure” you can ski this or that trail or that something “bad may happen” if you do?  IF SO, YOU ARE IN THE INTERMEDIATE RUT.  You need to attend,




This event is aimed at the female intermediate skier noted above.  If you want a shot at blasting through the intermediate rut or just becoming a little more skilled or confident on blue and maybe try some easy groomed black runs, this event is for you.


When-             April 6th and 7th 2009

Where-            Summit County, Colorado

What-              The format is for 3 to 4 hours of formal instruction in the AM hours followed by a tour (apply what was learned in the AM hours with lots of mileage) in the afternoon.

Group size        4 MAX  (two groups are possible)


I have a second (very qualified) coach willing to donate his time if more than four wish to attend. We’ll take the first 8 that sign up. There will be a significant number of Bears in the area that week, so hubbys and boyfriends, you can get some mileage in with a bunch of locals and Summit County regulars here.


THIS IS A FREE EVENT!  (The coach’s time is 100% donated)


Those that feel inclined may make a financial donation to Epic Poster “Ski Spirit’s” charity, “The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society” or the charity of their choice, or make no donation at all. That would be confidential and your choice as the student.


Please post here and/or PM your intention to attend, and we hope to see you in April.


Uncle Louie


ps....I'll have a slew of discount tickets available for those that are attending the event.

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Uncle Louie, Count me in, of course. Already have that time frame for CO. booked! This is very generous of you UL! For anyone who might be interested but feels uncertain, one the things that really impressed me about events that Uncle Louie organizes is his concern for the safety of each person!
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It appears we are going to have 2 Intermediate groups.  One that has skied a few groomed blacks and are slightly more aggressive, and one that is a bit slower primarily skiing blue groomers comfortably but not too aggressively.


WE HAVE 2 spots left......one in each group.

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This was definitely worthy of some free publicity!

What mountain are you using? If my stepdaughter does not use my one, free Copper ticket, I will gladly donate it to the cause.

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Thanks for the publicity! 


The clinic is going to take place at one (maybe two) of the Vail Resorts Ski Areas.(Breckenridge/Keystone/Vail or Beaver Creek.)


  It is the best way for me to give participants discounts as I have so many available.

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Enjoy! I will be with you in spirit!

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