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Learn to Ski deal at Keystone and Breck

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From the Thursday Denver Post:

Vail Resorts is also offering a learn-to-ski deal for first-time skiers. For $179 at Keystone and $199 at Breckenridge, first-timers can get three half-day beginner lessons and rental equipment. Once those three days are completed, the aspiring skier gets a pass good for the rest of the season at Breckenridge, Keystone and Arapahoe Basin.
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Interesting. I am tweaking our program now...is that a all mtn. day ticket...or a season pass? We are going with the 3 day LTS with an upgrade to season pass for $99. I think Bogus's Passport throws in a season pass.
I think these programs will do more for retention that others! Sweet deal, really.
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Robin -

Bogus Basin throws in a season pass and ski rentals for the season upon completion of the 4th lesson. All for $199.


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Yeah, that's what I thought...broke out the NSAA's "Trial and Conversion: BEST PRACTICES. Model for Growth" book...some great introductory programs out there. I really believe the industry is starting to "get it"....the "inspiration of desperation"
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So what's to keep me from signing up for the lesson to get a season's pass for 179$? I mean I could probably act like a beginner to get that type of deal!
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As you know, SOP is to run the system through the "howaretheygonnagitya" filter to deter guys like you. Usually, validation of each lesson (they come with a lower mtn. ticket)...besides ours goes on sale next week. Unlimited seasons pass day and 7 nights a week....$199.
Breakage on programs is high still, though recitivism is lower than typical 1 day Beg paks...the pass is a great hook! And frankly for the 5% who cheat...who cares?<FONT size="1">

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I think it's REALLY cool. A decent deal, and enough lessons to get them hooked on ski school as well.

Any one who "cheats" will stand out in a lesson. I guess if they want to "start over" and be decent about it, and do NOT disrupt the class, it'll be O.K. Might be a good idea, even if it is "beginner lessons" for a lot of skiers

Although the instructors will probably be asked to "police" for this kind of thing...

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I want all of you to know that Mtn. High has an decided lack of dishonest patrons who would attempt to cheat or steal in any way.
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The buddy pass is $299, Unlimited seasons use at Breck and Keystone, and 10 days at Vail, Beaver Creek. That is a pretty great deal as well. I think A-Basin is probably a go for this pass as well.
Ski Season Mid-Oct through Mid-June. If you are into that kind of thing.


p.s. hopefully clinics and lessons will be incorporated into the buddy pass pricing.
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I think this is all great news! Now if the base area rental shops will invest in either some Kneissl, Rossignol or Salomon soft boots they may finally really be off to the races.
One more item. How about some discounted clinics/advanced lessons with or without a ticket/pass price break? Is there much going on in this area? Maybe I've just not noticed.
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At Keystone, all lessons automatically come with a discounted lift ticket. Advanced lessons are limited to a very small group (if that many people show up.) If you know the name of the instructor you want, there's a possibility that management will try to get that instructor for you. I'm not sure what other mountains are up to...
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I "heard" a substantially lower price for the buddy pass, something like $225.00 this year. Are you sure you're correct. I found it hard to believe the price had gone down.
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Can't remember the prices, but there was a press release at Saminfo.com
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The Buddy Pass without the 10 days at Vail is $199. !!!
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