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Identification needed! Rossi Bindings

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Hi all,


I just got a new set of Rossi Vs Ti Oversize from ebay.  I'd been on them before and LOVED them, so I picked up a pair on auction a few weeks ago.  They came with bindings I hadn't seen before.


These aren't the ones, but they look just like it:  http://cgi.ebay.fr/FIXATION-BINDING-SKI-ROSSIGNOL-FKS-120-RACING-NEUF_W0QQitemZ130286737159QQcmdZViewItemQQptZFR_JG_Sports_Hiver_Skis?hash=item130286737159


Anyone know what they are?  It just says Rossignol WorldCup on them.   Also, how do you move them back!?  Its hard to find info online about adjusting these things.


Thanks for any help!



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They are good.  

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Those are very good (as Phil said).  The FKS bindings were the last of the Rossi turntables.  How far do they need to be moved?

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they need to be moved a fair distance.  The skis are 150cm and I'm 6'2" with size 30.5 boot - I suspect the binding is set for a size 25 or 26.  Hope this won't be an issue!   


they do look very complex - I couldn't even figure out how you might move them!  Hopefully the tech I brought them to will know.



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Just got a call from the tech shop - had to be redrilled.   He said that they can't be adjusted on the fly like the rental bindings - they need to be adjusted for each size boots that goes in them. 


i thought they were on rails ......? who knew!

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Not suprised by that.  That binding was not used on any of the Rossi demo plates as it was a race binding

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What's the difference between race bindings and 'regular bindings'?


besides being more complicated!

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The difference?


Extremely good retention, they have massive amounts of elastic travel. That means NO pre-release... maybe no release at all if there isn't a big impact. If you are a cautious/ slow skier then that binding is a terrible choice, if you ski fast and hard then they are great.


... at 6'2" what are you doing on a 150cm SL ski ??? I'm surprised there is adjustment room on the plate to accommodate a 30.5 boot sole length.

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I know - 6'2" and 150cm skis.  You're probably right.   I borrowed a friend's 150s and loved them - I'm not sure if I loved the skis, the length or both.   They seem to work well at my local hill - quite small, narrow, etc... Though I suspect they'll soon prove to be too short.   We'll see!


Good to see I've got good bindings though!   Thanks for the reply.

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Also, I'm not a great skier - though I do ski fast and hard.   Should I have them adjusted to pop me out more easily until I get a bit more experience?

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