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Alignment issues

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Hey Gang,

I cannot seem to sort out my new boots (Dalbello Proton 12). If I move my lower legs parallel, my inside ski goes to a higher edge angle then the outside ski. If I want equal edge angle on both skis I feel like I have to ski with my knees knocking together. I figured simply moving the cuffs out would fix the problem but it was to no avail and the problem persists. I have not had this with any other boots in the past... and it is driving me crazy.

Any suggestions?

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Same footbeds?

You may simply need some canting attention from an alignment specialist? 

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New footbeds as well. I've been experimenting with duct tape under various parts of my footbeds and on the boot board but I can't seem to get it right. I've played with cuff alignment and tried shoving all sorts of things in the cuff but this seems to cause more pain then performance as it my feet just get pushed towards the outside of the boot. Might I need to cant by grinding the soles? or are there some other options? A good boot specialist is hard to find here on Vancouver Island.

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Hi skinerd,


You simply need to find an alignment specialist---there are several up at Whistler.




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Adjustment under the footbed or on the bootboard has pretty subtle effects.  You probably need to play with truly canting your boot which is an under bootsole (or under binding) shim.  Once you find what you like (test on well groomed hard snow where you can do symmetrical turns) then you can have your bootsole ground and plates added. 


Having someone eyeball/measure you is a good idea, but ultimately this is an adjustment best made on hill, by feel, and with video before/after assessment.

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Thanks jdistefa, I was afraid I might have to resort to boot sole grinding.


miketsc... anyone in particular you recommend in Whistler? I lived there for several years and know a few people but everyone seems to have a different philosophy when it comes to boot balancing.


Any good reading you guys can recommend on the subject?

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Instead of grinding the sole I would start with cants under the binding or duct tape on the boot (outside) until you get it right.  Then if you want you can have the boots ground.



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