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Back seat

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I'm having a little trouble staying out of the back seat.  Could it be too little ramp angle or forward lean?  I'm skiing in Head S110 boots.

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There are four parameters which affect your fore/aft balance position over your skis of which any one or a combination of which could be affecting your ability to balance effectively.  Internal ramp angle, forward lean angle, delta angle, and binding mount position.


If you felt centered on your old boots in the same skis, I would suggest checking and recreating the same ramp and forward lean angles in your new boots to match your old ones.  There is a protocol for checking and optimizing your fore/aft stance which a boot alignment specialist should be able to help you with and get you dialed in!


Check out our list of boot fitter contributers here and see if any are close to you?  Perhaps Jdistefa is close to you?  He would be my choice!

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