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Cowabunga II...

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...ski racing is a great sport, as we all know, especially when it's real and down home.  My teammate, Tim Triggs, and I got a demonstration of that last weekend.  We've spent a lot of time over the last few years at Ski Cooper, just outside of Leadville, Colorado, running Masters DH events, and, additionally, the Leadville Town Downhill, a blast because (a) the race on Sunday is a team race, replete with betting on the winning teams and (b) it is scheduled to occur on the same weekend as the Western States swing of the Leadville edition of the Pro Skijoring Championships and also, some local dogsled races...for starters.


So it was with extreme pleasure that we responded to a Laurel and Hearty Handshake from our buddies in the Cloud City to come up and race in one of the many Cooper Cup races.  This weekend, it was a GS, and we, in the manner of all good Masters racers, showed up at 8:15, ready to boot up immediately, cough up megabucks for two runs (maybe), and fight off our competitors in the manner of a knife fight in a phone booth.  Wrong!  Instead, we found out that registration was open from 9 to 11, the first run wouldn't start until 12, breakfast burritos (with unlimited caffeine...) were $6, and lift tickets for (ahem) Senior Citizens were $31 and registration was $5...


But wait, don't answer yet...there's more!  It turns out that not only did we have plenty of time to inspect the course...we could take two full-length, non-timed practice runs on the course itself!  Which we did!  And then took a short break for Raspberry Smoothies and Chicken Fingers and Fries ($7). 


So, back to the race itself.  Tim and I ripped on the first run! As the second and third oldest guys in the race, we came in 4th and 5th, respectively! Okay, let's refine that somewhat...that's where we were until we were assessed 3 second penalties for wearing speed suits!  Unbelievable, until we realized that we were racing against guys with LL Bean Rabbit Fur Hats and 10th Mountain Division skis, 4 year old girls, and pregnant women.   So we immediately ran out the parking lot, and..get this...put on warmups and the baggiest hoodies we could find for the second run!  And we still finished ahead of the guy who was riding a cafeteria tray! 


After the event, we celebrated our adventures with our newly found friends at the...let me consult my notes here..Tennessee Pass Cookhouse, where a good time was had by all, after which we then proceeded to a sumptuous Filet Mignon dinner for two at Quincy's for the low, low price of $42 (with wine) for two...and today, we went out and ran nonstops on our Super G skis in preparation for next weekend's Masters Series at Vail.


So there it is, folks...personally, I ain't had so much fun since the hogs ate my brother, and the city of Leadville, Colorado, has my continued lodging, skiing, and foodie business for some time, including this summer when Tim and our team cruises through Leadville (and partakes of the Good Stuff at Quincy's)during this year's Ride the Rockies bike tour...


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That sounds like a total blast.  I have fond memories of Ski Cooper, a true down home locals mountain, like I remember from skiing from my youth.


But, walking around in a racing suit, people do look at you as if you dropped in from Mars.

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