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Lhasa Pow 186 Carbons

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Just spent a week at Alta skiing the 186 carbon Lhasas. It snowed throughout the week so really got to play with them in their intended environment -- fresh, tracked, crud. But also was skiing with family and so had them on groomed and bumps too. For those who ski Alta, spent a lot of time with them in Eagles Nest/High Nowhere/North Rustler where the snow piles up and of course the trees can get pretty tight in some of the chutes. Also hiked out off Supreme a lot to take them through untracked...Devil's Castle opened one day and I got 2' untracked there...lots of deep tracked piles in Baldy Shoulder...nice tree lines in Wildcat (Westward Ho etc)...basically, skied most of the hill and some outside.


I'm 5'9" 165# high 8/low 9 aggressive former racer.


Incredible skis! I really cannot believe how versatile these skis are. The rocker is not extreme and there is meaningful camber and sidecut in the middle of the ski. Tips are very soft but it's nice and stiff under foot. The design really works all over the hill. Great float in pow, but as soon as you are on anything firm, you know you have a "real" ski/platform under you...carves smoothly and stably on hard snow (hard to believe you have 112 under foot). It is very light for its size (carbon version), and you can snake it through big soft bumps easily. Skiers with a charging style and/or race background who like to drive the tips and are not that into the loose/slashy/slarvy-ness of more extreme funshapes will love this ski b/c it introduces just enough tip and tail rocker to plane nicely but retains the driving characteristics of a traditional stiff ski with camber and vertical sidewalls. It's a big mountain ski that ranges into pow ski territory on one end and into all mountain on the other...very very versatile.


Also, I demo-ed them from Wasatch Powder Skis...Carmen was great...give him a call if you're headed to UT and get yourself some time on the Lhasas. They also demo DPS and Praxis.



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Great review, Re-Skier.  I have yet to read anyone give a bad review on these skis.  I was VERY interested in these but ended up grabbing a pair of Praxis RX that are very similar in terms of dimensions.  The cost was significantly lower on the Praxis and I am very happy with them.  However, I'd really like to get on the Lhasas to run a head-to-head comparison.  Did you find the 186 to be enough ski for you or would you have wanted to try the 196? 

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186 was definitely enough for me, but I'm not a big guy...and I'm 42 now so I'm not charging as hard as I did in my 20s either. I was tempted by the 196s, but Carmen told me nearly every strong skier under 190 lbs who'd demo-ed from him much prefered the 186, so I went that way. I was glad to have the maneuverability of the 186 for tight trees and soft bumps...maybe if I'd been on a heli trip, the 196 would be the ticket, but for the resort,186 forme. Another point of comparison on length: I own Blizzi Titan Argos at 180, and the Lhasa 186s definitely ski longer despite the rocker. So if you're skiing Goats, Argos, Elan 999s, Watea 101s, or other non-rockered 98-105mm skis in the 180-185 range, then you'll probably be happy with the Lhasa 186s.

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That's a good baseline..thx.  I ski the 183 Gots and find them a little shorter than I'd prefer (6 foot 3--185 lbs).  The 186 might be just a smidge longer and might work well.  I agree with your assessment that 186 is perfect for resort and 196 for real wide open, big mtn. skiing. 

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nice review re-skier, glad you like them!



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Tyrone, now the only problem is whether there're any 186 carbons around to buy with all the focus on getting 196s pressed and delivered...Help!

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I hear ya.  We need more presses for sure.


At Kirkwood, we had both 186 and 196 Lhasa's available to demo at one of the resort shops/demo centers (Cornice Sports) and the other weekend, somebody who had never even heard of PMGear before demoed a pair of the 186 Lhasa's, came back after a day, and bought their only demo right on the spot.  We need to get them stocked!

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Not trying to hijack but I just skied my new Bro 183 stiffs at Mammoth for 5 days in up to 11" of fresh, crud, groomers, soft bumps etc and found them to be a ski that makes you want to charge..  Me, 5'11" 175lbs solid level 8..  These 183's I find to be alot of ski, not for the timid of heart, they will buck you off if your technique falters in anyway at all..  Had an instance on the avi chutes off chair 22 where I got up on 1 ski and they almost sent me for a garage sale..  The thing I found that I like the most about the ski is that you can alter turn shapes in an intstance and slarve off speed on the steeps in powder no problem..  Also, these are one of the BEST crud busters I have ever been on, they just inspire confidence to charge faster and faster... 


As I only have 5 days on them so far I need at least another 20 to give a detailed report, however at first glance they definitely are my " GO TO" crud skis in th future...

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Tyrone recently posted a POV video of the handrail at Kirkwood in a trip report. I believe on Lhasa 196s. See 'em in action:

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Someone needs to do a review on these in the Gear Review area.  I set up the category for Lhasa Pow here:

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Can subscribe to everything Re-Skier said. Stable at speed yet maneuverable when needed. Not too bad on edgehold for a ski that wide underfoot.


Edit:....except for the all-mountain statement. The Lhasas/Brockers are clearly an off-piste/backcountry ski for me.

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