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Another MA

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So in this video about half way down I realized I still have alot of my balance over my inside leg.


As I passed the camera, I was able to move my balance to the outside leg and was really able to "lay them over"... 




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Your wide stance serves no useful purpose.  Try for a stance about the same width as when you walk.  I know, wide track skiing was the fad a few years ago.  (Unaligned bow legged skiers need a wide stance.  Unaligned knock-kneed skiers need a narrow stance.)


Learn to angulate and counter.  Angulate means some flexibility in the waist & spine so your center of mass is over your outside ski...hips inside and head & shoulders to the outside.  Counter means that your hips and body above are turned toward the outside ski without pushing the inside ski forward.  (The center of mass is somewhere in the abdomen.)


With angulation and counter, practice skiing with about 1% of your weight on the inside ski...this isn't the way to ski but is a great drill.  Just keep that ski on the snow with the least weight possible.  When your body learns to balance itself this way, you'll have great balance with whatever proportion of weight on your outside ski that works best.


Let your body relax.  You look like you're trying to hard for the perfect body position.  There are no positions in skiing, only movements.  Let your body move and balance you.

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Its interesting that in this video I was wide-stanced and in the last one I posted I had a more narrow stance.  I didnt feel like it was any different, but the video shows all.  When I narrow my stance, I know I get better angulation and upper-body counter. 


Or course when I tried to fix the problems I knew I was having in the middle of the run I ran out of trail-width and...well..ate the spruce tree on the side of the trail... 

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I did a ma on your last video and I see a better body position than the last one.  You still need to flex your ankles much more which will get you balanced over the middle of the ski without bending at the waist.  You are right with your assessment that you are leaning heavily on the inside ski.  Work on improving what you are doing with your feet rather than with the upper body.



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