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RSD Method

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Has anyone any experience/information on Eric DesLauriers' Rapid Skier Development methods?

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I took a 3 day clinc with Eric in the winter of 2000. At the time I was probably a level 7 skier and I was badly in need of coaching so that I could continue to learn and reach the next level. I found Eric's clinic extremely helpful as it was tailored to my learning style (less technical talk and more athletic intuitive learning). I walked away from the clinic with a new understanding of skiing off piste terrain. I was given the tools neccessary so that I could work on these skills on my own. I found that I made a huge breakthrough in the spring of 2000 and I have taken other clinics since then. My skiing continues to improve and I owe a large portion of this improvement to the skills I learned from Eric. It's really great to have the confidence and ability to ski the entire mountain on any day and in any condition. I find now that I look forward to narly days on the mountain when most everyone else has called it a day and gone to the lodge.

I can't recommend his program enough!

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Eric was very personable on the phone and seemed to have an "I've got a secret" kind of inticement. I would consider his "camp" as a "high adventure" for pair of "father and teenage son" grouping.

There is never a dispute about "which technique works best", If confidence is the product.
Skiing with a purpose!

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I had the chance to just free ski with Eric all be it behind him most of the time (no way I can keep up) but the little time I spent with him there were hints and tips given. Great skier and great eye. I have read many of his articles and from what I've learned about and from him make be believe he and his team of instructors could do wonders for most skiers.

by the way Eric and another one of his instructors Wade both frequent and post here on Epicski.
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Ok, i'm biased, but Eric and his team do great things. You mentioned RSD and yes the method is great. There are suttle differences in basic focus that can add up to what I think is a quicker understanding of how to ski more of the mountain efficiently. I'm not a our way/ your way argumentative type of guy, and many people in a regular ski school environment are fantastic. That said, I hope we get the chance to ski together and practice the few simple moves that expand our mountain playground.
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Eric besides being a wonderful athelete, has always had a wonderful and enthusastic way of communicating. I'm sure his RSD program is excellent!
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