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#12AB tap... who's got one?

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I'm in the midst of mounting up a pair of rock skis (Rossi B4s picked up on the cheap) and I've hit a wall.  I've got my holes drilled but now I need to tap them and damned if finding the required #12AB tap locally isn't a pain.  I know there's a couple places online that sell the tap but I was hoping to avoid sinking another $20 into a rock ski mount (but I understand this may ultimately be the only option).


So my question(s)...

Is there anyone in Charlottesville/DC area who's got a #12AB tap I could use for a few minutes to get my mount finished up?  Skier219? Anyone else?

Does it have to be a #12AB tap? 

If I can get my hands on some #12AB screws that are self-tappers vs. the regular ones that came with my Railflex plate, could I circumvent buying a tap and tap the holes using these?

Failing all these options, I've got a trip to Utah coming up in March, would any Utah bears be willing to help a guy out?


Thanks to anyone that can help and if the answer ends up being "just order the tap," well.. ok.

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You're welcome to borrow mine, but I'm in Wyoming for the rest of the week.  I could bring it up to Wintergreen some day next week if I do a day trip (all depends on the conditions/weather, since I cherry pick my days there and don't always get up every single week).  I'll also be in Utah in March (Alta from 3/8 to 3/13) if you want to hold off until then.  (not much help, am I )


I've never seen a #12AB in hardware stores -- it's a very non-standard thread, sort of a cross between a machine screw thread and a sheet metal screw thread.  A good ski shop may sell them, but I've never seen one in a shop.


In the absence of a tap, here's a shortcut that has saved my bacon in other situations over the years.  Take a spare binding screw, and file two, preferably three, equally spaced grooves along the length of the threads.  Then file two flats on the sides of the screw head that you can grip with an adjustable wrench (or small vise grips).  It will end up looking like a frankenstein tap when you're done, but it will work just fine.  Start the screw with your pozi/phillips screw driver.  Once it's going in straight, switch to the adjustable wrench, doing the usual tap routine of a clockwise twist followed by a reverse twist


It's a kludge, but does work.  However, it will probably be tedious to tap 7-8 holes per ski on two skis this way.


BTW, I've never seen self-tapping #12ABs.

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Do the B4's have metal in the topsheet?  If they don't, tapping is not necessary.  I can't remember though - seems they don't, but I could be wrong. 

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They do have metal, not sure if its the whole topsheet or not, but it's definitely in the mounting area.  If I had known what a hassle a metal topsheet would have been, I think I would've chosen differently for a rock ski project.  Live and learn.


skier219.. Thanks for the offer, its an easy drive up to Wintergreen to meet you if you do end up going.  Or if I can find some extra binding screws (why do I have NOTHING that I need?) I might give the shortcut a try this week or weekend.   And unfortunately when I went to Freestyle on Saturday to ask about a tap, the shop tech very curtly informed me that not only did he not know where I could find one, but also that if he gave me even an inkling of advice related to ski bindings he would lose his indemnification.  Probably true, but not the most pleasant exchange when I was just looking for a little help.

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