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Levi, Finland in april/may

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Hi guys


Even though I spend helluva lot of time on snow and skis, I get very little of real skiing (sliding down the WC course hardly counts as skiing). So to change this, and to compensate for being away from home almost all season, I am, or better to say, my wife is, planning some skiing holidays in Finland after WC season is over.

Since I have never been up in Lapland at such dates, I have no idea how snow and weather conditions are at that time. We are planning to come up to Levi somewhere between 20th of April and 1st of May.

Now I would really appreciate anyone who was in Levi before at such dates, to write a comment or two about conditions up there. Personally I prefer hard and icy tracks, but considering selected dates, pretty much everything will do, as long as it's not that summer slush. So how do you think my chances for normal skiing are? :)


Thanks for help guys!

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hi primoz,


late april should be the best time to go in general. if you get some sun, afternoons can be quite warm. nights are usually colder so morning skiing should be good (hardpack, ice). days are already long at that time so hours are not limited. levi center is nice area to stay, slopes, bars, shops are all there. note that levi and lapland are north from polar circle, weather can be basically anything, tough to forecast. reserve some time to do other activites too, especially cross country skiing, lapland is very special area. hope you enjoy!



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Kiitos Hese :) I know where Levi is :) We were upthere last summer, but with mtb not with skis. My wife is Finn, so we went a bit around to see some of her relatives up in Lapland (she's almost Kalle's neighbor from Kemi/Tornio region :D ).

When I was still skiing (xc skiing), we normally came to Lapland in November and December, and I was never up in Lapland so late in winter, therefore I have no idea how it really is. My wife was always in xc skiing, not alpine skiing, so I rather asked here :)

We will definitely take xc skis too. It would be shame to be in Finland and not go xc skiing, so I'm kinda hoping for alpine skiing in morning, xc skiing in afternoon, and some fun on evenings Hopefully it will be great weather, and we will have great fun.

Thanks again :)

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Hello to you all!


My family and I are going to Levi in the beginning of May. Has anyone been to Levi in May? Does it make sence to plan mountain skiing there? 


Thanks a lot to all who answer other people's questions here! Hope to receive a reply

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I just came back from Levi. Here a clip from the pist running north:



Right now we have cold weather again and even here 1000km south in Helsinki its snowing. However, in Lapland sun is up very early in the morning and if its a cloudless day snow is melting pritty quickly and the slopes are getting slushy at the end of the day. In the morning the pists are hard. There is no people up there from now on untill they close. Ylläs not far away from Levi is worth going for a day or two. I would say Levi is ok for the beginning of May.

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Hope you enjoyed Levi !!


I've skied there 4 years running - learnt there too - it's amazing.  Snow quality is the best although some of the runs are a bit short and there is a lack of chair lifts!! 


Didn't go this year so already looking forward to a trip March 2012!!

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