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Best way to wash boot liners?

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 Anyone have experience with this? I would just throw them in the washer, but it seems like the internals won't actually get washed.  It isn't as if I can turn them inside out. Any ideas? 

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If it is because of stink, try sprinkling a little bit (like 1 teaspoon) baking soda in there and spread around.  If still stinking the following day of skiing, try again.  After 3 attempts, I think they're hosed.  Don't put it in too much baking soda cause then it acts like sandpaper.


This works great for my shoes and liners.  And I've got some of the most odorous feet in the world.


After spending a lot of time getting liners to pack out just right, I wouldn't want to put them going through a washing machine.

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Yeah dude, I wouldn't put your liners in the washing machine if you like them.  Get one of those boot sanitizers/dryers if you're willing to pay money or just make sure you pull your liners out of your boots and let them air dry the night after skiing.

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Yeah, I have one of those portable heaters/UV ray things that will hopefully keep them in good shape.  Unfortunately, I have gotten disgusting toe fungus from ski boots in the past, and would like to avoid that in the future.  Just wondering if there was anything else I should be doing in addition to using the dryer.... 

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If your liners are beat to hell, very old, thermolining already broken down etc., I've washed mine in my front loader set to hand washables, cold water, and a very small amount of soap.  AIr dried on a sweater rock in the dryer...or let them air dry or use your boot dryer. My liners are all sewn together, so glue wasn't an issue.


Obviously, liners in good shape and properly fitted aren't going to like this process a whole lot.


I've found once I cleaned them once, and then started making sure I dried them after use, I quit getting the funk problem.


I've got other patrollers who've told me they use some spray-in crud that kills the bacteria, and you don't have to wash the liner afterwards.... I just can't remember what the stuff was or where they got it.


EDIT: If I get a chance, I may later try some scent killer.  Same kind of stuff we use for hunting...I've got the stuff to make it, just never thought of using it for this purpose

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 used wetsuit cleaner in the sink in my old boots.  It took the edge off but didn't completely get the funk out and it took forever to dry them.  I think the product I used was called Sink the Stink.  I have used several different types for my wetsuits and some seem to work better than others so it may just be a case of picking the wrong product.

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DO NOT put your ski boot liners in a washing machine! That I do know. 

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