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brand differences

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Hi I am trying to buy my girlfriend her own skis, bindings, and boots but being a snowboarder I don't know much about skis. I had her go to a ski shop and try on some boots so i could get a size for her. They gave her some Rossignol boots to try on and a 25 mondo fit her best. Now I'm trying to find boots online to buy for her and came to ask myself what if different brands run a little smaller or bigger. So now I'm wondering if any of you know if the boots will vary in size by the brand and also if they do if there is anyway of knowing by how much without having to out and try on all the different sizes. Oh and also any suggestions on what boots to get her? thanks


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Get her the pink ones.

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Originally Posted by jdistefa View Post


Get her the pink ones.


... with fur.

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Originally Posted by chipnub View Post


 I had her go to a ski shop and try on some boots so i could get a size for her. 


Now I'm trying to find boots on-line to buy for her

 Just so you understand the lack of 'helpful' responses: We all fit boots for a living, having someone come in to a shop, use the shops time and inventory for fitting, with absolutely no intention of giving them business is a form of theft. I understand why you want to get the size right AND save as much coin as possible (I really do)... but that doesn't make it right.


Boots NEED to fit and be reasonably comfortable, otherwise your girl won't have fun... and neither will YOU. It's worth it in the long-run to spend a little bit to get the right boot, right fit and someone to help if the boot needs some fit tweaks later.


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also size 25 = ladies 9/10 shoe.   Again see a good boot fitter and get her to try some different ones on, and let her see what the differences are.



Or just buy her the cheapest, pink 25 that you can find on ebay, and good luck with having any fun on  the ski holiday

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alright thanks for the help. Im not trying to cheat out any shops but being a college student and trying to pay my tutition and all other expences it becomes hard to cash out more money than i can. I definitly am going to put enough money to get her a good pair of boots and not just get they cheapest thing but paying full price from a shop isn't possible right now. I have been reading reviews on all the boots out there and hearing what people have to say about particular ones like Nordica Olympia, Lange Freeride, Lange Exclusive, Roxy Juicy, Roxy Sugah. Would any of you suggest any of these or have another suggestions for what I should be looking into. Thanks

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You aren't hearing us.  We can't help such fundamental questions about fit without seeing feet.  All boots are good and all boots are bad.  Just depends who is wearing them.  Moreover one of the fitters whose time you wasted may be here on this forum.


If you have to buy on the internet so be it.  Buy there, but take what you get.  If you want expert advice you must pay for it at a shop.  At that point we may help, but under the present circumstances ask the guys on the internet site for their advice.



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What you are looking for is the BEST VALUE!  not the cheapest or the most expensive.  I am sure that every one of us boot fitters here has boots on SALE right now and you will probably not be paying retail for a boot by patronizing an expert shop.  You will be assuring that you get her into a good fitting boot appropriate for her abilities and the follow up fitting service that comes with a purchase from a retail shop.


Think carefully about how you spend your money!  Cheap may turn out to be very expensive unless you get very very lucky!


good luck!

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The business model is not the same.


In this case the non-customer is 'stealing' the carrying costs of inventory as well as labour/knowledge/advice about fit that would compensated for with a purchase.


When you bid on a job you are not giving away intellectual property (I know it's 'only' bootfitting, but you get my point).


Edit:  This post was in response to Fireball who posted that the concept of 'stealing' from a shop by trying on boots, then buying online was ridiculous.  He was comparing the process to bidding on contracting jobs - some of which you get, some of which you don't.  I would argue that the correct analogy would be a 'customer' asking you to go through the sweat equity of a bid process when they had no intention of ever hiring you.



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I was going to make this same point Bud. I KNOW I can give someone a great value, being a broke college kid is nothing more than a copout and a bad one at that. Did the OP even give the retail shop a CHANCE at making a sale??

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