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Bum knee better after torquing it?

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Hi All.  For the last couple of months my right knee has been giving me a nagging pain and has been swollen more than the left knee.  Well today I hit a soft patch where the left outside ski let loose and the right inside ski hooked and torqued my knee.  I thought I was finished for a week or so but after fifeteen minutes or so my right knee felt much better than it has felt all season.  After an hour I was pain free and able to ski much better.


Any body have any idea what could have been wrong and then torqued back into place to cause this?  I am not complaining but when something gets better all of a sudden the thought occurs to me that it could get worse again just as easily.  I would like to have some idea of what to do if this does happen.

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I'll wager that you have a small meniscus tear, that was sticking up like a hair, that was folded over.  The torque unfolded it, and it's now laying flat again....

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Ugh. I dealt with a left knee that did that for years. It eventually did get much worse and I got it scoped to clean it out, which helped, then it got worse, better, worse. The continuing saga of a bad knee. I can do some things better than before surgery (skiing) and some worse (running + lifting). Good luck and try to take care of it.

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