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Small Feet Issues

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I'm a girl with small feet that loves to ski everything on or off-piste, in or out of the park/moguls/trees/backcountry, but boots are always a huge issue.  At the moment I have a pair of Tecnica Diablo Pro's (Women's) from last year that are riveted to accomodate for my more aggressive skiing style.  The two big problems I have are:


1.  My shell size is a 260mm or in between a 21 - 22 depending on the boot company.  Most boot companies don't make their 100+ flex boots, low-volume, in this size for someone with a narrow foot.  What suggestions does anyone have for boots?


2.  AT boots don't seem possible for me, I tried on the Garmont's in a 23, but the shell size is definately to big for my foot.  Is there any hope of creating an AT boot that might work, like taking a Black Diamond or a Garmont 23 and getting it foamed?  I've never had a boot foamed and therefore dont' know much about how they were and pack out, I live at the base of a ski resort so I ski just about every possible day.


3.  I used to have Lange Junior World Cup Race 110's that worked great, however the cuff was always extremely low on my calf and I like that the Tecnica boot comes up further on my leg, however the Lange always seemed to have room for my narrow boney heel to slip into when I flexed forward and the Tecnica doesn't.   Basically is there a boot out there that has a higher cuff (even know I'm only 5'1, it seems to ski better for me), a heel pocket, low-volume fit, and a flex (100+), that accomodates the 21-22 size?


Your suggestions and input are greatly appreciated!!!


Thanks:)  Skier girl who needs a new pair of boots!       

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1)  technica is the only company to make a adult DIN boot below 265.   Some of the older team 100's in 265 fit tighter overall, but a

bit bigger shell fit (big, puffy, short stitched liner)


2)  basically, No one makes an AT boot for sub 270.   My wifes garmonts mega-somthings where the smallest fitting a few years ago (beefed up with some full tilt tongues, booster straps, etc)  This year BD at 277 but seem to fit smaller overall, and have that BOA lacing thing that works well overall.    Faom liners will stop the boot from going into walk mode, so no a really good option either.  Sorry


3)  Most Jr boots will be lower, (10-20mm) but an adult race boot (lange WC150, nordica WC130/150) all go to a 265/267mm and are stiff, and a taller (adult) rear cuff.  Have you tried some of the race/plug boots in size 3?  that might be the best bet overall. 


you are best to find a good local boot fitter, and work with them, (sounds like you have one?)   do they stock any race boots in size 3?  if not PM me.

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You should check out the Dalbello Kryzma. They are available in size 22, have a tall cuff, and have a flex rating up to 120. When paired with a Zip-fit liner and a footbed you can really get a secure fit.

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