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Help! Can't decide: K2 Xplorer or Salomon Fury

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I am a 35 yr old, 6'0, 195 lbs advanced - expert skier trying to decide between the k2 Xplorer and Salomon Fury.  I am looking for that good mid fat all mountain ski.  I ski in Utah and am off piste 60-70% of the time.  I still do like to rip the grooms however, especially late in the day when the legs start taking a toll.  I would appreciate any insight anyone may have in helping me decide.  Thanks for your help and have a great rest of the season.  Think Snow!

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Both are reasonable choices within their width range. The Salomon is lighter, stiffer and more energetic with better grip on firm snow. The K2 is soft, damp and very mellow feeling but handles soft snow and soft groomers nicely.



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Agree with Jim 100%.  I've demoed both at the Canyons, and liked both.  I lean towards the finesse ski style, and have always like the 'pop' of Salomons, that light, springy feel.  I demoed the Fury in 175 length, and it might have been a bit too short (me 6'5", 200 #).  The K2 Apache Outlaw might be a better Utah ski than the Explorer.  I'd give the nod to the Salomons.


Welcome to EpicSki, Aireggers.

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Thanks guys so much for the insight!  I too have been leaning toward the Furys'.  It's nice to hear other skiers opinions.  This is a great site, I am so glad I came across it!


Take Care,


Shawn (Aireggers)

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I pulled the trigger on the Salomons' and can't wait to ski them.  I will be sure to post a follow up afterwards in case someone else is searching like I was.  I wanted to demo them first but for $380.00 brand new, I couldn't resist, it's worth the gamble.  Thanks again Jim and Spike for your insight!



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The Fury is a great ski; light and poppy underfoot and stupid easy to turn.

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Now..get out and ski. 

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Fury, no contest.

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Great boards.


Me--250 lbs, 6, 2, ski pretty hard.


I demoed some Explorer 184s at Bridger Bowl on a rather firm January 2009 day.


They were very stable at speed, held an edge on everything but some nasty boilerplate, quick in the tree lined gullies, and decent in the bumps.  Seriously thinking these may be my next East Coast ski of choice.  Can't speak to its powder credentials.   

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 next years fury has a few layers of ti in it...snappier and even better on the firmer snow..new monocoque shape as well...


or you could probably find a smokin deal on this years..

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broad, is that the main difference between the 09 and the 10?  Any other significant changes besides a fresh paint job?
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