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wax and skins

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Anyone got an idea how hot waxes and skins work? Do skins glue make any effect on waxes? 

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scrape and wipe down the base well, and the skin should stick.


Some glues leave a residual goo on the base, particularly in warm conditions, but it usually skis right off

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Make sure that you really get a good scrape and a good brush.  If you leave large amounts of wax it will ruin the glue on the skins pretty quickly and the skins won't stick to the ski as well as you'd like.  The glue will leave a little residue on the bases but really won't cause too many issues in terms of glide.  If possible and practical take your freshly waxed touring skis downhill for a run or two before using the skins just to make sure you really reduce the wax buildup on the base


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Yeah, colder/harder, scraped and brush has fewer issues than warmer/softer waxes. A broader range, more durable/higher grade wax is a good balance point. Rubbing on or applying liquid if needed for warmer conditions is an option after skin removal, but a more aggressive structure and more durable wax during warmer days is more versatile and easy.



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thank you folks.. unfortunately I had just hot waxed (universal) my bases and had to cut the new skins to shape .. Anyway.. skins are brand new and very sticky at the moment. In the past I used 2 inches (or 55-60 mm) wide straight skins and I was always folding them. The new colltex comes with a peel off sort of vinyl (or plastic) I am not sure how easy to use they are.. Anyone using them?  any suggestions to stick them on skins? Seems like I need a good flat surface and zero wind  to lay them before I stick skins on and put them in the rucksack  



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You can still fold them but the backing material that comes with most skins today are pretty easy to use.  The first time you mess aroud with them you'll realize that it really doesn't take precision to use the backing.

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