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Boot brand recommendation

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I've been skiing on Salomon Axe boots for the past few years, which are nice but a little soft for me.  I've been trying my son's old race boots, Atomic Beta Race 958s, which have a 90 flex (I think), and they feel a lot more responsive and fun to ski.


On both boots, the left foot feels great, but the tongue is hitting my inside ankle bone on my right foot.  To stop that, I've cut away a big semi circle out of the plastic front of the tongue from above my ankle bone to the bottom of the tongue, and filled in the space with mole foam.  Both boots feel great now, and I can ski in them all day with no problems.  I also don't buckle the lower two buckles, because any tightness there crunches the top of my foot (inside, mostly right foot).  A lot of boots that I tried on when I got the Salomons were intensely painful on the top of my foot.  So with booster straps and orthodics I'm set for now.


But when I go to look for new boots, what brands should I be looking at with a high arch and skinny ankles?  A lot of stores where I am try to sell you what they have, and don't have a lot of variety.  And I don't want to waste the sales guy and my time if I can narrow it down to some brands.








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few things


you are best to find the heel fit that is best and make more room for the instep/ankle pressure.  


you can always make a small boot bigger, but can't make a big boot smaller


most brands will have a boot that will fit 80-90% of what you are looking for (salomon impact, lange fluid, nordica sport/speed machine, etc) but getting the best fit in the end is finding a good boot fitter in your area.  Better to take what they have in stock (most stores sell 4+ brands anyways) and let them make it fit 100% with skill, then take a boot that only fits 90%, but that the store doesn 't have the skill to take it to 100%.


bring in all your old boots, footbeds, etc with you for fitting.


it will take 1-2 hours, call and see if you can make an appointment,  better for everyone this way.


best thing to remember:  find a good boot fitter, and let THEM find you good boots

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