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Diamox - Cross Post to Fitness

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Anyone have any recommendations for getting Diamox without a RX?  I'm heading to Silverton in a few weeks and I currently live at sea level.  I've had issues with altitude before so I was hoping to take their recommendation and get some diamox for the day before and during the trip if needed.  I went to my primary doc and he gave me the heisman stating that he wouldn't give me a prescription for a hypothetical condition and that he was unfamiliar with the drug, etc, etc.  I don't blame him but now I'm trying to figure out other options.

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When my husband travels for work he goes to see's a doctor that specializes in conditions in diferent countries and areas he has to travel to.  I'm not sure how to find one, his work told him who to see, but they prescribe him malaria stuff, heavy antibiotics, yellow fever stuff and give him all shots and if going to a high altitude would give him Diamox etc. 


Call a travel agent and ask if they can recomment such a doctor in your area. 

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In the fitness forum thread on altitude illness, or possibly the sticky on that topic, there is a link to literature regarding diamox use for that problem.  What I did was print out several pages of data and highlighted the symptoms that I had experienced on trips to the mountains.  That convinced my physician to prescribe diamox for me.


There is no legal source without a prescription.

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Diamox is simply a diuretic - a class of drugs your doc will be intimately familiar with.  I would echo Kneale's sentiment and print out some info for him/her.  Wouldn't he/she benefit from learning something new? 

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I used it a couple years ago for a short visit to Summit County.  I really think it helped me.  I've had a couple of cases of mild alt sickness on past ski trips, and didn't get sick on the Summit Co trip even though I skied pretty hard (for an old guy) for four straight days.  I got it from a relative who is an MD.  He had to do a little research to find out about it before he was comfortable prescribing it.  IIRC you take a couple pills a day for two days before and two days after you arrive at alt.  It gave me a minor tingly feeling in my fingers, but kept away head & stomach aches.  It was very inexpensive ($3 total after insurance) for enough to treat four of us.

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It nearly killed a friend of mine climbing Kilimanjaro.  Do not take it if you have a Sulfa sensitivity.

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VIAGRA is recommended for altitude related illnesses! (no joke) I just wonder how it would be to ski around with a four hour boner!

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I'm a doc, and a regular diamox user.  I can get by without it, but by taking it, I'm able to comfortably ski the first day in altitude.  And I sleep better.  You can't get acetazolamide (Diamox) without an Rx.  Any doc worth his/her weight should know something about this drug.  It's a classic example used when studying renal physiology in med school.  It's side effect that affects nearly everyone is that it causes carbonated beverages (READ: beer, Coke, etc.) to taste horrible.  Wine goes down smooth.  :)

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